I wish

Ashley is a normal 16 year old, Living with her dad who is one of the security guards for One Direction, When Ashley was born her mother passed away after giving birth, so its been hard on her not having a mothers touch around the house,Ashley is very lucky because she knows the boys since xfactor, But her dad has to go away for 7 months on tour with the boys, and she gets an opportunity to go with her dad on tour with the boys, will she fall for one of them? Read and see what happens. :)


4. On the Road

I woke up with the early morning sunshine gleaming on my eyes from the window, I groaned and rolled over not feeling Niall next to me, I rubbed my eyes and sat up looking around the room with a puzzled face expression, I hopped out of bed and tip toed down stairs looking for everyone. I heard soft laughter coming from the kitchen, I peered over the railing looking to see any of the boys, I continued down the stair case and softly creeped into the Kitchen. I smiled softly listing to the boys conversation about how ecstatic they were for me joining along with them. I saw Harry look up and stair at me. Oh well look who finally joined us boys, he winked and smiled at me. at once the boys agreed with him and pulled a chair out for me, I walked over and sat next to harry. well good morning boys I said softly. So Louis said are you ready to come with the big boys? we will show you how to party. he laughed flipping the pancakes on the stove. I smirked and raised an eyebrow, big boys huh? More like little boys. Ouch Liam said chiming in, that hurts the pride a little. we all laughed and chatted while eating our breakfast. Niall stretched his arm and put it around me, well we better get packing, yeah? he took my hand and we both ran upstairs. we both started packing and as we know it, the boys and me were loading onto the tour bus, WOW I said looking around the bus, This is amazing! oh wow! I was star struck. Alright guys paul chimed in you know the bus rules. when paul said that all the boys were groaning because they hated going over the rules again. well I guess since you know the rules you can tell Ashley then. You dont need to know the rules Ash, Zayn spoke up. you are a fine and sweet girl and you listen and behave yourself , you dont need to know the rules. On the other hand Harry and Louis will probably need to go over the rules. I started laughing. Hey! Louis said, that's not cool just because me and Harry like to have a good time doesnt mean we cant control ourselves. I laughed at Louis, yeah okay, sure. He threw a pillow at me and winked. Paul looked over, well we better get this bus started shall we?! the bus starts up and pulls out of the drive way, I got a lump in my throat because I never have been away from home for so long but I hide it and I smile at everyone. 

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