I wish

Ashley is a normal 16 year old, Living with her dad who is one of the security guards for One Direction, When Ashley was born her mother passed away after giving birth, so its been hard on her not having a mothers touch around the house,Ashley is very lucky because she knows the boys since xfactor, But her dad has to go away for 7 months on tour with the boys, and she gets an opportunity to go with her dad on tour with the boys, will she fall for one of them? Read and see what happens. :)


5. On the Road (part 2)

We were on our way to the first stop Paris,France, I have never been to Paris before So I was extremely excited to be able to speak some fluent French I learned at school. But I was also giddy about the fact that Harry knows some French, So we can talk to each other and to people when we are visiting. I got up and walked towards the boys bunks to see if they were awake. I cheeped around and saw Zayn,Louis,Harry,And Niall asleep. I whispered ''Liam'' and poked his arm continually. A groan escaped his Lips. What's up Ash? He stretched his arms out. Erm.. I need to talk to you... something happened last night..We both walked out into the back room where I was staying and we both layed down next to each other. What's going on Ash? Tell me? I rolled over to face him. Well...Me and Niall, kinda...well..Kissed last night. I looked down and traced patterns on the bed. A little giggle and smirk appeard on Liam. What Li? I laughed. Nothing...nothing.. he smirked. Tell me!. Well Niall likes you.I felt my eyes get wide and gulped. Really? Nialler? Likes me? I was in utter shock and was speachless. Yes he laughed, He has liked you ever since you first met us and he can never shut up about you. I laughed and blushed like a school girl. Do you like him back? Hello? Ashley? I was zoning out thinking about last night, those sweet kisses and warm long arms around me. I felt a warm hand pushing me over and I fell over laughing. Ohh sorry Li, I was...thinking. He chuckled. yeah thinking about Nialler and you last night. I looked over really fast. Uhmm excuse you? Nothing happened last night. He replys in a preppy girl voice, like omg I heard you and him giggling and laughing last night and heard you to kissing. god you guys sounding like you were chocking. I laughed What the hell?! Mind your own business, so what if we kissed and flirtred, ...But wait what the hell you seemed shocked when I told you we did. Ashley....you can hear anything on this bus. he chuckled, well we better get ready before the boys get up, Zayn takes forever in the shower and so does Louis. 

this was so short im so sorry ill continue it later


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