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Ashley is a normal 16 year old, Living with her dad who is one of the security guards for One Direction, When Ashley was born her mother passed away after giving birth, so its been hard on her not having a mothers touch around the house,Ashley is very lucky because she knows the boys since xfactor, But her dad has to go away for 7 months on tour with the boys, and she gets an opportunity to go with her dad on tour with the boys, will she fall for one of them? Read and see what happens. :)


3. Harry's Flat

We arrived at harry's flat and sat my luggage down into niall's room, there wasnt alot of room so i was stuck sharing a bed with him, which im not complaing about he is a funny and sweet guy, i fnished up eating dinner with the boys, it was full of laughter and story telling.  we all headed outside and roasted marshmellows, I sat down next to harry and we chatted most of the night and we both speprated,  I tip tiped down into Niall's room, the door squeaked while i opend it slowly looking in, i saw a glow at the middle of the bed not knowing he was doing a twitcam with his fans, he turned around quickly giving me a signal to come over and join him. i sit down next to him and he introduces me to his fans and I smile softly waveing at the computer screen he looks at me for a couple of seconds smileing which felt like 5 minutes, I nuged him. ''...well arnt you going to ask them questions?'' he snaped out of it and got back into reality. ''Oh,erm,yeah'' so all these questions are about Ashley being my girlfriend? he chuckled. no shes my friend, a great friend. he looked down fidiling with his fingers. I smiled and blushed like a school girl and turned away. I started talking, yeah guys he's a great friend, anyone would be lucky to have a friend like him!  I smiled once more and put my hand over my mouth and pretened to yawn, well Niall, I'm gonna head to bed we got a early morning tomorrow! he turned his head to me,oh yeah, I should also! he turned back to the computer and said goodbye to his fans and shut off his laptop, I was looking through my suitcase and couldnt find my pajamas I packed and got mad and kicked it. Fuck! I shouted and feeling my face getting red from being angry, Niall turned around and he was shocked, Ashley Lorraine ! I cant beleive you just cussed! here borrow my shirt for tonight, I looked at him, n-no i couldnt do that! It's okay, he looked at me firmly, No Ashley, Take it now! I looked at him and grinned, Well if you insist! I grabbed the t-shirt and went into the bathroom to change, I stripped off my clotheing and looked at myself naked, Ashleys POV, ew, I'm so fat, gross look at my arms and thighs, they looking disgusting, I dont see how the boys even wanted to even text me after I met them that day, I slipped on his green irish flag shirt and put my white lace underwear on and black silk shorts over my underwear and creeked the door open and shut off the light, As I was walking I ran into Liam. Oh I'm so so-, It's okay babe, I'm alright, I'm not Injured but are you okay? I giggled, I'm fine! Alright love well you better head to bed! we got a early morning on the bus! he pulled me into a hug and in a matter of seconds the rest of the boys join in and hug me! I said good night to all of them and walked back into Nialls room, closeing the door shut, I see him turn over and smile at me, I walk over and pull back the covers and lay next to him, hey ash, you look great in my shirt and winks at me, I look into his eyes, aww thanks! I cuddle next to him and he kisses my forehead, I croaked, I missed you so much, I'm not gonna lie, I thought about you alot...I sighed. He croaked out, I missed you alot to Ashley, you were on my mind alot actually, he looked down and smiled at me. I propped my self up a little to look at him, Really? I never though- I felt his lips crash on mine and he pulled me close to him, running his fingers up my thigh, sending chills up my spin, I didnt hesitate and I kissed him back, our tongues dancing together, slow and sweet. I pulled back and smiled at him softly, he kissed me once more and we cuddled for the rest of night, holding each others hands, intertwining our fingers, talking about our memories, the only thing I can remember was doing that. And I fell into a deep sleep next to him.


Authors note:This is really  crappy! I'm sorry!  \:

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