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Ashley is a normal 16 year old, Living with her dad who is one of the security guards for One Direction, When Ashley was born her mother passed away after giving birth, so its been hard on her not having a mothers touch around the house,Ashley is very lucky because she knows the boys since xfactor, But her dad has to go away for 7 months on tour with the boys, and she gets an opportunity to go with her dad on tour with the boys, will she fall for one of them? Read and see what happens. :)


2. Airport

(A/N) Hey guys this is gonna be a sorta long  chapter, I'm sorry. Leave me a comment. <3

After getting ready I walk over to my phone and check my text from harry it reads

Harry: Hey Ash, I just wanted to know how you are doing and I can't wait to see you soon, I hope you have a good morning, hope to hear from you.xx'' I smiled big and replied back to Harry, 'Hey Harry, I miss you and hope to see you soon! hope to hear from you sleep tight-xx'' i clicked through my phone and stared at the voice mails from Niall and smiled i pressed play and it was him singing an acoustic version of what makes you beautiful and said at the end i hope you enjoyed it and hung up.I listened to the 2nd one it was him talking about what he did today, and how the studio was and all the crazy fans. The 3rd one he  was saying that he and the boys miss me and want me to come down and  visit them he said goodbye and hung up. I called him back but he didn't answer because it was night  time for him, so i left a voice mail ''Hey Niall, its Ash, obviously, well erm..Thanks for the song you left on my voice-mail I loved it.Oh my dad is talking to management so I can come down! Hopefully it wont be a  problem , I miss you and tell the boys that I miss them also, goodnight  sweetie.xx''I clicked end and slid my phone pocket. I jogged down stairs looking for dad and turned into the living room seeing 2 suit cases and 2 passports propped on it. I was really confused and looked up at my dad. ''Uhm, dad why is this here?'' I looked at him and he walked over and smiled, well I talked to management and they talked to the boys, they really want you down there with them, so they said yes. I started jumping  up and down screaming. ''SERIOUSLY?YES!!''while hugging my dad. he smirked and said well you better get to packing we dot wanna miss our flight do we? I went to pack  my clothes and accessories, I was so excited and lugged my suit case down stairs my dad laughed at my struggle, I replied haha very funny, its not nice to laugh,yeah? It was a very long flight as usual, I put my ear buds in and played the boys album, I nodded off to sleep for probably the rest of the flight and I was awoke to my dad shaking me to wake up, I groaned and rubbed my eyes and trying to focus on my mp3 and shut it off, I jammed it into my pocket and got up walking with off the plane, it was cold today in London, I rubbed my hands together to keep them warm, I got my luggage and waited for my dad to get his and we both walked towards the Exit , but I heard a very strong familiar accents behind me, I turned around to see Liam,Louis,Harry,Niall and Zayn come running towards me, I dropped my luggage and held out my arms for the boys and they all hugged me at once like a bear hug, All the boys were talking at once How are you?! how was the flight?! how is  summer break going?! I smiled and laughing hugging them all, well if I wasn't being smutherd by all of you maybe I could tell you! they stepped away and apologized sweetly and Harry gave me those sad puppy eyes pretending he was hurt. Oh harry stop I giggled. I told them how i missed them and that my summer break is going well and the flight was boring as usual. I looked over and saw that Niall was holding my luggage and I thanked him, We all cramped into the taxi, where a swarm of paparazzi was swarming the car, I started to get nervous and Niall pulled me into a hug and I rested my head into this shoulder where it fit perfectly, and said everything was going to be okay, The taxi drove off and a matter of minutes we would be at the Harry's Flat. 

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