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Ashley is a normal 16 year old, Living with her dad who is one of the security guards for One Direction, When Ashley was born her mother passed away after giving birth, so its been hard on her not having a mothers touch around the house,Ashley is very lucky because she knows the boys since xfactor, But her dad has to go away for 7 months on tour with the boys, and she gets an opportunity to go with her dad on tour with the boys, will she fall for one of them? Read and see what happens. :)


1. Morning

It was a hot summer morning, I just woke up and I wiped some small beats of sweat off of my forehead, I rolled over on top of the mountain of covers, I was weird like that, I always needed covers on me even in the summer, I picked up my phone and checked for any missed texts or calls, I got 3 missed class, 1 voice mail from Niall and 1 text from Harry, I wondered what they wanted. See I met Niall, Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayn through my dad. He was a security guard for them during the boot-camp on xFactor so they wouldn't be bothered by any fans at night so they could sleep, That was when i met the boys, I came for a visit to see my dad, we got along great they were really fun I use to watch the boys film clips of the video diaries when ever I came over to visit them, Most of the time we hung out in the lounge, talking, eating snacks and playing games, if we were lucky we got Nerf guns and we would battle Paul and the other security guards, When I left to go back home I got the boys numbers but I mostly texted Harry and Niall, we got along better, but I did get along with the rest of the boys but Harry, and Niall just clicked with me. I got up and headed down stairs to get some breakfast in my tummy, I saw my dad (His name is Pat if you were wondering) I gave him a kiss on the cheek ''Good morning love'' he said in his deep voice, ''Good morning dad!, what are your plans for today?'' I said over in the kitchen while I was pouring cereal into the glass bowl. ''Oh I might have to leave back to London to see the boys, They are going to go back on Tour and they need an extra Security Guard'' I looked down and got a lump in my throat, He was gone Alot and I didn't really like it, But I was also happy for him because he loved being One Directions security guard. ''Oh? That's great! How long will the tour be?'' I said hesitating ''Oh I would say about 7 months at least'' Speaking in my mind ''7 months?! I don't wanna be home alone for 7 months.'' I could feel my hands shake and hear my own heart pump in my ears, I saw my dad come from the corner of my eye and I didn't want him to see me worried and scared, I rubbed my eyes and poured milk in my cereal, dipping a spoon into the bowl, ''Ashley..are you going to be okay with this?'' I looked down and took a deep breath in and turned to his face, ''No, I'm sorry but I miss you so much, it felt like you just got back...'' My dad looked at me with sad eyes, ''I wish I could take you...But management wouldn't be okay with it sweetie.'' I looked at him and snapped ''I know, It's management, It's kind of pissing me off dad!, I wanna be with you when you go on tour with them, I hate being alone all the time'' I heard my voice crack and I stopped talking looking down taking a bite of my cereal, ''Ashley..'' He placed his arm on my shoulder and pulled me close to him,''Maybe I can talk to management, you could stay in the Spare room in the back of the tour bus, I'm sure the boys wouldn't mind..'' I looked at my dad in the eyes and smiled half way. ''I don't wanna bother the boys, they need their space and I don't wanna take up any more space. Plus I'm sure they will probably bring a girl back to the bus from a show or something and they will need the spare room..I wish it wasn't like that that so I could come on tour, But it happens...''I looked down taking another bite of my cereal. ''Look,I'm gonna go make a few calls sweetie, OK?'' I hugged him and pulled away slowly, ''Alright dad, I love you..'' he replied back ''I love you to.'' I saw him walk away into his Office. I turned away and finished a few more bites and ran upstairs to take a shower.

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