Hide in the light

This follows the traumatic events of Amelia Skelton, a 15 year old girl living in the west country. The story is set in 2087, and parts of England have split to become there own country. However, there's more than just new country's in 2087.


1. A click of a button

I can remember the exact moment they told us on tv. Although I was only four years old but I can still remember the exact second the whole world stopped to listen to the people who where about to kill millions with out even leaving their homes. I have always wondered what must be going through their minds, right this minute. I wouldn't think it would be "oh what bread is better?" I can only imagine they are kicking themselves. If they knew it might go terribly wrong...why bother even thinking of trying to do something so impossible that they created something even more impossible.
Today marks the forth anniversary of Gasp Hour and our town never seem to come out. Everyone everywhere, including me, stay inside...in the light. It was the governments idea of course, to name doomsday Gasp Hour. It does not take any genius to figure out why they named the day that but school must think we will not do maths once every few months we will just re-tell them all about Gasp Hour. "So class just to remind you all Gasp Hour is called that well because when them scientists told the country on tv about there silly mistake we all gasped all the way through the speech which as you no lasted one hour..." Everytime I hear Mrs Trumpet say this statement it makes my skin boil and peel off with anger. How is letting a few million shadow like ghosts into the air a "silly mistake"? We don't have to go to school today as it is the anniversary so all the teachers stay in their homes, to scared to leave.I have always felt safe and sound in the dark, so the fifty lights on each street are never a problem. the problem is i cant go down to the old hospital anymore. That was mine and sass face's place. And it got taken away from us. There is no light around that place...that's why we can't go.
I wake up to Elm screeching at Wolfy...again. "Give me it! I know you hid it!" Moans Elm.
"I didn't, I have better things to do with my time than steel people's ribbons!" Replied Wolfy.
"Go away!" Door slams shut. I don't get why Dad just lets all the fighting go on. He has the power to stop it. I force myself up out of bed, knowing that Dad will not speak all day, I get my trading bag, grab a few coins and get changed. It is tradition that everyone on our side has to wear black. For all the lost souls that they took on the first day. So I dress in black trousers and a black blouse. I must look rather scary, as everything apart from my eyes and skin is black. I got the black hair from my mom, which is odd because Elm has blonde hair. That's why Dad thought she had an affair.
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