Three drops of blood

....the mad, the twisted, and the just evil. Feeling a faint heartbeat?


4. Blood D. The final nightmare but not the end

Thursday evening, David arrived back at the girls household, He and Katrina enjoyed their time together studying math and english. Fiona was upstairs starring in the mirror in her yellow robe and put a secert box in her closent and pulled out a small towel with a bloody hatchet inside. 

"Hungry?We can take a break, It's been almost four hours now" David said smiling and stood stretching.  "I have some fresh fruit left" Katrina smiled holding a bowl of different delicious fruit.  "Aww thanks" David happily took some grapes and ate them one by one.  "Heehee welcome" Katrina took a banana and had slide it up her mouth, instantly capturing David's attention.  With the sound of a bubble popping, David snaped out of it to see Fiona standing chewing on bubblegum. 

"Session over now, Kat go now please" Fiona said in a low voice.  "Yes sis..." Katrina got her stuff and left the room.  "'ll be my new love" Fiona leaned down whispering in his ear and jammed a needle on his neck.  As Fiona dragged unconscious David up the stairs, she remeber on how she was behind Daniel's death. 

* Daniel walking home from work on a dark stormy night, decides to take a short cut in the woods only to be mysteriously followed. Fiona knocks him out cold and beheads him with a hatchet* 

In her room, David was on the bed still out cold as Fiona dropped her robe off and climbed up on top of him with deep lust in her eyes.  "Mmmmm...!" David waking up slowly and still drugged after two hours, holding onto what ever he could reach. "..H -hello?! I need... help..please" David very weak and lost of sight abit. 

"David?!" Katrina paniced to find David naked on the hallway floor, and helped him saftly into her room, wrapping a blanket around him. "Don't worry everything will be fine" Katrina went to the phone only to drop it in shock and blushing red as David who could control himself pushed himself on to her.  "Nooo David, please" Katrina pleaded though she secertly longed for him. 

"What the heck is this?" Fiona appear wet in a towel after a shower and holding a hatchet. "You have all this yet you still mess with that brat!" Fiona extremely jealous and obsessed over David as the double of her dead brother lover. 

"Its not what you think!" Katrina yelled getting up, pushing David away off her.  "Liar!! You been nothing but a curse to me since you were born.. you should be the one in the ground!!!!" Fiona angrily slapped Katrina onto the floor and grabbed her hair, and pushed her down the stairs. 

"Stop!!!" David shouted and Fiona sliced his neck abit, sending him falling backwards into the closent, holding his neck and a box he knocked over opened with Daniel's head rolling out of it, David screamed loud. 

"Face me little b***h!!!" Fiona smiled insane as she swung her hatchet as she chased Katrina, cutting and stabing her back. "PLEASE STOP!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!! YOUR JUST CRAZY!!" Katrina yelled in fear on the kitchen floor after falling. "Awww i'm sorry, but i still love you" Fiona stood over Katrina.  "R -really?" Katrina shaking scared and asked with abit hope in her voice. 

"Heehee... nope!" Fiona laughed stabbing and chopped off Katrina's head.  Katrina's blood slowly went down to the back door where David stood outside and threw a lit bottle into the window, setting the house on fire. 

"NOOOOO!! WAIT!! DONT LEAVE ME!!" Fiona screamed in the fire banging on the locked doors and David left quickly to his home and the house exploded.  David finally home shaking on the floor waiting for help and suddenly heard a knock on the door. 

"Hello?" David slowly opening the door only to froze with a hard bang in his heart.  "Hi David..." Fiona stood smiling twisted at the door with blood shot eyes and blood everywhere on her. "I'm pregnant..heehee"

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