Three drops of blood

....the mad, the twisted, and the just evil. Feeling a faint heartbeat?


3. Blood C. Dead obsession

The next day David arrived, sat in the living room setting up his things and waited. Katrina came downstairs in her school uniform and sat in the chair with one leg up on the chair and other down, unknowly to her she was revealing abit between her legs. 

"Hmm? Something wrong?" Katrina asked.  "Uhh.. no i'm alright, lets get started with today's lesson" David shook his head and smiled.  "Okay heehee" Katrina happily opened her books. 

Meanwhile upstairs, Fiona in her undergarments layed upon Daniel's bed with sunglasses listening to piano music that she suddenly smiled. "Mmmm...for you"  Fiona smiling with eyes closed, slowly undressing to her music in front of the bed, pretending Daniel was there watching. 

A cellphone had ranged, David got up and answered, as Katrina studied more on her own.  "I see...alright then, i'll be there soon" David sighed and walked upstairs to use the rest room.  "Mmmmm!"  David heard the sound walking slowly pass a room, only to see Fiona on the bed naked sleep, having a possible wet dream. Shocked at what he was seeing but yet abit turned on hurried to the bathroom and back downstairs. 

"I'm sorry, i have to go now" David still all red and embaressed.  "Huh? Why?" Katrina asked very confused.  "Well i got a call and i'm late for a meeting.." David said smiling as he went for the door.  "Oh,.." Katrina very disapointed, looking down.  "Sorry, Next thursday,I promise" David smiled patting her head.  Katrina blocked the front door and leaned up kissing David's neck deeply, leaving a mark. 

"Bye" Katrina smiled with her uniform skirt blowing around by the fan.  David feeling uncomortable by both girls pushing all kinds of affections twards him and left the house only to catch a glimpse of a boy in a photo with Katrina and Fiona. Oddly the boy looked him alot. 

As night came, David in deep thought trying to put the pieces together with a look alike boy in a photo with both girls and their strange behavior twards him.  "I...just don't get it...maybe i'm just still in shock...yeah.." David shook it off and went to sleep. 

In Daniel's bed, both Fiona and Katrina layed in each others arms, half naked and sleeping with Daniel's spirit standing before them..but he was missing a head and blood was just gushing out.  "Nooo!" Fiona jumped up in fear and looking very guilty.

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