Three drops of blood

....the mad, the twisted, and the just evil. Feeling a faint heartbeat?


2. Blood B. The triangle over the dead

At Yellow Brick Elementry School, Katrina sat at a table drawing pictures through her memories with her older brother Daniel. The bell ranged and all kids ran outside but Katrina walked slowly out the school building. 

"Hey there" Fiona waved waiting outside to take Katrina home.  "Do i have to keep going to school?" Katrina holding Fiona's hand while walking.  "I dont know, but maybe not..our stupid parents really didn't leave us enough money to live off...but how about a private tutor?" Fiona asked looking down at Katrina.  "Okay" Katrina smiled.  "Good, because i found someone alreadly for you, and what proper way to greet and meet him by a nice invite to dinner heehee" Fiona giggled and smiled.  "Oh?" Katrina smiled abit confused with her teddy bear on her head. 

Later on at home, Fiona was dressed up very beautiful, which surprised Katrina who suspected their was more to the dinner than she thought.  The door bell ranged and Fiona hurried to opened the door happily. "Come on down Kat!"  "Okay, me ready" Katrina walked down the steps in a cute lolita dress with ribbons holding up her pigtails.  As the door opened, Katrina froze in amazement and shock, and young handsome boy walked inside. 

"Hello Katrina, I'm David your tutor"  Katrina unable to ressist she ran up and hugged David tight, as he was a dead look alike to Daniel. "Brother!"  Fiona getting angrily, rubing her wrists against a knife hidden in a secert pocket of her dress. 

"Alright then, let's move on, don't want dinner to get cold" Fiona trying to smile leading David away from Katrina and into the dinning room.  "Thanks for inviting me, your home is lovely" David smiled at the table and as he started to eat he notice both girls slowly moving their chairs close to him. 

"Kat come with me please" Fiona stood going into the kitchen.  'Umm okay"Katrina got up from her chair and followed behind.  Fiona slammed a butcher knife down into a cooked turkey, twisting around and pulled out with juice and stuffing coming out from the turkey's stomach. 

Katrina shaking abit scared as Fiona turn to her with cold deep eyes.  "Don't ruin things...again"Fiona said in a low voice. "Now be a good girl and go back to the table"  "Y -yes" Katrina walked away back into the dining room only to hear Fiona screamed and David runing to her aid. 

Fiona stole attention and affection from Katrina for David by faking a scream with her bloody wounded wrists, which lit a fire inside little Katrina as she choked her teddy bear.

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