Three drops of blood

....the mad, the twisted, and the just evil. Feeling a faint heartbeat?


1. Blood A. Oh it's just the begining

It was rainy sunday morning, everyone in black, holding each other with tears, and placing down red with black roses on a coffin. As words were spoken and more tears had come, the coffin slowly went into the ground as a final goodbye.  Fiona and her little sister Katrina headed back to their empty home, their parents left them alone years ago, now their older brother Daniel is dead. 

"" Katrina knocked on the door, crying alot holding her teddy bear.  "He's not their no more" Fiona stood in the hallway watching emtionless abit.  "Yes he is!" Katrina yelled, opening Daniel's room and closing it with her inside. 

Fiona angrily went to her room, slamming the door back and forth, and Katrina crying on Daneil's bed.  "I hate you Daniel!" Fiona busted into his room, scaring Katrina, and began smashing all his things with a baseball bat.  "STOP IT!!!!" Katrina screamed pulling on Fiona's dress, only to be pushed into a door, knocking her out cold. 

A small insect flew in, Fiona caught it in her fist with blood dripping alittle from her hand.  "Mmmm?" Katrina waking up and trys to stand in order to run away but Fiona chased after her with a baseball bat. 

"W-Wait!!!" Fiona yelled and screamed for Katrina who ran into the road with a truck coming right after her. Fiona froze in shock but a grin came upon her face as blood slapped onto her face. 

Fiona then jumped up from her bed, still in her black funeral dress and realizing it was a dream. She walked into Daniel's room seeing Katrina sleep on his bed and she smiled but with her fist bawled up then took a picture of Daniel.  Biting her finger tip, she made a heart around him out of her blood. 

"Mmmmm yum" Fiona smiled abit mad like a hatter and a cheshire cat.

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