Red riding hood

Some times,stories come to life....


1. Home comeing

I watched as the town blurred past,the silence could be cut with a knife.Finally we stopped,my mom stepped out of the car and she sighed "We're here."

I stepped out & grabbed my luggage,the house looked like a mansion of a fairy tale.I follow my mom,she kissed me & left.I picked up my luggage,picked up my keys & unlocked the door.


As soon as I stepped across the door,the inside was modern,I was suprised by that,I was expecting an old house with Victorian furniture.Boy was I wrong,I looked aroung,fresh flowers had been put in the hall,pictures hung on the walls,I saw one & looked again,the picture was of Cinderella before the ball.


I saw another on the other side,this time of Cinderella at the ball.This was just getting weireder by the second.I wandered round,the air was cold & thick with age.


Suddenly,a voice rang down the hallway,

"Who are you & what do you want?"..........

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