These are a list of authors who i think deserve a shout out


2. Kamala


I think Kamala is a very good author who has written only two books that are both very good.I think that Kamala is a author that can write very good movellas and have them become very popular.Kamala has only four fans but that does not mean that she can not be a great author.


                                                    Twisted Hearts

Twisted Hearts is a very good book about a girl who has a family of vampires who live in 21st centuary Japan.They lived a quiet life while drinking human blood.I think this is a very good movella that i would like to see more chapters.


                                 When The Universe Lays In Your Hands

I think this is a very good movella and it should become very popular if Kamala keeps writing it.It is about a girl who has special powers and so do her friends.I would love to see more chapters in this movella and im sure other people would too.


Over all i think that Kamala is a awesome author and im gonna give her a four stars out of five.



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