These are a list of authors who i think deserve a shout out


4. Bells Hunter

                                                         Bells Hunter

Bells hunter is an amazing author and i love her book The other side of the story.

                                                       The Other Side Of

                                                             The Story

This book is based on the tale of snow white but its basically the parts that have been left out in the childerens fairytale,it is about a girl called Raven who has a school project to write three pages about the tale of snow white.I think that this is an amazing book and everyone should check it out,comment on it,faourite it and fan Bells Hunter.

Over all i think Bells Hunter is and amazing author and im gonna read a few more of her Movellas then mabey add to this review.So im gonna give Bells Hunter ....

5 stars out of 5

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