These are a list of authors who i think deserve a shout out


1. Peace and Donuts

                                                                  Peace And Donuts

Peace and Donuts is a very good author and a very popular one too,she has written very good movellas and is one of my fave authors on movellas.


                                                                             Don't Change

Don't Change is a very well written movella and it is also one of my faves.It is about a girl called Maya who is unpopular but wants to be popular so she gets a full makeover.When she goes to school she gets the guy that she wants,popularity and a clique but she has to pay the price of losing her unpopular best friend who is in love with her.This is a very good movella and it has 29 short but brilliant chapters.


                                                                            The Dress

Is a very good poem for the poetry comp,it is a poem about finding the right prom dress,even if it does not win the comp i would like this poem to carry on.


Over all i think Peace and Donuts is a very good author and im gonna give her

five stars out of five

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