Blooming Cherry Blossoms (Finale)

More trouble blooming with the next part of Kyoko and Yunna,with a surprise twist bad and good ending. Beware of school girls at CherryStone Academy, when pushed over alot and just enough, it will cost you a price with their act of revenge or just gone mad.

Main Cast : Yuuna, Kyoko,& Michiko
Minor Cast: Michiko, Sumiko, Ayumi, (principal) Brittany, Elizabeth, Mary, Nurse Kaminari.(e.t.c)


2. Yuuna Chapter:Let me devour your heart

"Each day that went pass at CherryStone Academy, Yuuna's behavior started to change secerty, unaware to everybody eles. At night everything became clear and would lead to the next fate of one gone mad.  "GAHHHHHHHHHH!!!"Sumiko yelled loud painfuly and died on the floor.  Michiko tied and handcuffed in a chair with both her eyes and mouth covered, starting to cry alot shaking in the chair with fear. 

"Awww dont worry...I won't hurt the one I love.." Yuuna smiled demented licking blood off her dagger as she stood, above all she murder with it.  At that moment Yuuna woke up, cutting herself and taking diffferent drugs that made her start to laugh twisted as she got up going to the school cafeteria.  "Hmmm..heehee?" Yuuna smiled seeing breakfast muffins on each table.  " huh?" She smiled wicked with a idea.  During the morning all girl students headed to the cafeteria for breakfat before early classes started. 

"Oooo muffins!!yay!" Sumiko cheered happily eating one.  "Delicious!" Ayumi smiled eating one too as everybody eles did.  "You want that?" Sumiko asked giggling.  "Nope...enjoy..." Yuuna said in a low voice smiling.  Moments later Yuuna stood laughing deeply insane as her friends and classmates began chocking, vomitting, and losing breath. 

"HAAHAAAHHAAAA!!! MORE!!" Yuuna laughing loud more as she took more drugs that feed on her obession, anger, and saddness, making her completley twisted.  "Now lets see what all your hearts look like...I bet mine is way better and bigger....Michiko is MINE!!" Yuuna smiled pulling out her dagger and started to brutaly kill all with the cafertria becoming a bloody body corpse.  In the principal office, Brittany stopped drinking her hot tea, and got up going into the hallways. 

"....I wonder..." Brittany said with curiosty as she went down the school basement, only to been shocked and sick to the stomach seeing all her students and close assistants dead in a very gruesome way.  "....Who did this?!" Brittany yelled loud angerly. 

"HAAAAAHAAAAHAAA!!!" Yuuna laughed hidden in the dark.  ".....Come out...Yuuna..."Brittany said in a low not surprised voice. "Poor little flower....blinded by the sun...caused you to loose your way...but I warn you though that if don't end this....fate will reverse the trigger right back at you..."  Yuuna then appeared smiling behind Brittany, stabbing her through the heart brutaly with the dagger.  "HAAAHAAHAAAA GOT YOU!!!" Yuuna laughed more insane with her clothes soaked in blood. 

"......just because i'm dying today....right now....doesn't mean I'm dead..." Brittany said in a calm voice and her eyes closed with her loosing conscious.  Meanwhile, Michiko notice everyone in the school suddenly gone, looking everywhere for them in the academy. 

"Hmmm? Oh..?" Michiko came upon the door to the school basement but felt strange inside.  " i afriad all the sudden..?" Michiko shaking abit opening the basement door slowly.  "Ummm Hello?" Michiko walking inside while shaking more that she instantly slipped on a few steps. 

"W-what... is THIS?!!!!" Michiko screamed in horror as she was laying on a large stack of real bloody cutted out hearts and seeing everyone dead with cheasts ripped open.  "HEEELLLPPP!!!" Michiko screaming more in tears, as her body was starting to sink down into the pile of bloody red hearts then her eyes wided with complete fear looking at the basement wall. There on the walls written in blood said "Let me devour your heart....Michiko".

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