Blooming Cherry Blossoms (Finale)

More trouble blooming with the next part of Kyoko and Yunna,with a surprise twist bad and good ending. Beware of school girls at CherryStone Academy, when pushed over alot and just enough, it will cost you a price with their act of revenge or just gone mad.

Main Cast : Yuuna, Kyoko,& Michiko
Minor Cast: Michiko, Sumiko, Ayumi, (principal) Brittany, Elizabeth, Mary, Nurse Kaminari.(e.t.c)


3. Kyoko and Michiko Chapter: The final blow in the head

Dark clouds came, bringing hard and heavy rain outside, Kyoko finshing her pratice started to head for shelter from the rain but stopped with Yuuna appearing in the rain, covered in blood holding her dagger.  "Hello" Yuuna smiling malicious. 

".....Hi" Kyoko said low pulling out her baseball bat slowly.  "Lets have fun...the winner lives.... and keeps Michiko" Yuuna said in a twisted way.  "...." Kyoko stood very disturbed by Yuuna. 

"Do I scare you?" Yuuna laughed asking holding out her dagger at Kyoko.  "Not really...just feel bad you chosen this road to take..." Kyoko said shaking her head abit.  Yuuna getting very angry began to strike at Kyoko, who swung her bat at Yuuna's hand, making her scream dropping the dagger. 

"Never start can't finish" Kyoko smiled and knocked Yuuna out cold with the bat.  "Mmmm" Yuuna waking up with a bloody head, got up to find herself on the school roof and Michiko stood with deep hatred lifeless eyes at Yuuna. 

"....You killed....everyone....for me...then tried to harm the one special person in my life...your just sick and mad"  "Nooo.. I loved you..." Yuuna suddenly snapping out of it looking at her bloody clothes and hands, starting to breakdown.  "I hate you..." Michiko said holding up a hatchet by Yuuna's neck.

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