Blooming Cherry Blossoms (Finale)

More trouble blooming with the next part of Kyoko and Yunna,with a surprise twist bad and good ending. Beware of school girls at CherryStone Academy, when pushed over alot and just enough, it will cost you a price with their act of revenge or just gone mad.

Main Cast : Yuuna, Kyoko,& Michiko
Minor Cast: Michiko, Sumiko, Ayumi, (principal) Brittany, Elizabeth, Mary, Nurse Kaminari.(e.t.c)


4. Kyoko and Michiko Chapter: Clearing skies

Michiko holding up a hatchet by Yuuna's neck and sliced across the side of her neck, sending blood bursting out and Yuuna falling out dead.  Michiko then left off the roof walking into the now very queit and empty halls and rooms of CherryStone Academy.

  "Kyoko?" Michiko walked inside her dorm room to see Kyoko asleep abit on the bed after calling the police.  Michiko sighed in relief and sat beside Kyoko, watching her sleep and slowly moved down to Kyoko's lips.  "Mmmm?" Kyoko waking up to see Michiko turn red jumping up away.  "I'm sorry" Michiko embarassed standing.  Kyoko just smiled reaching Michiko's hand, pulling her to the bed with Michiko closing her eyes blushing, and Kyoko kissed her deeply. 

A old memory as they kissed appeared in their head  Nine year old Michiko stood in the rain crying holding her cat plushie.  "What's da matter?' Ten year old Kyoko appeared smiling, along with her puppy following behind.  "Umm me all wet...and lost" Michiko pouted and cried. "Lets find your mommy" Kyoko said cheerfuly taking Michiko's hand. "Can share with me in my umbrella, okay?"  Michiko blushed and smiled happily, "Okay!" ***** 

Kyoko and Michiko smiled in each others eyes after that memory, then both looked down at the bloody hatchet and baseball bat on the floor and laughed.

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