Blooming Cherry Blossoms (Finale)

More trouble blooming with the next part of Kyoko and Yunna,with a surprise twist bad and good ending. Beware of school girls at CherryStone Academy, when pushed over alot and just enough, it will cost you a price with their act of revenge or just gone mad.

Main Cast : Yuuna, Kyoko,& Michiko
Minor Cast: Michiko, Sumiko, Ayumi, (principal) Brittany, Elizabeth, Mary, Nurse Kaminari.(e.t.c)


1. Yuuna Chapter:Elected as the murderer

At six o' clock in the morning, Yunna was making a special lunch happily while roommate Sumiko was sleeping, with her cellphone on your stomach for texting all night.  "I hope she likes it" Yunna smiling as she wrapped the food up and placed it gentaly into her "Neko Meow" kitty backpack. 

"Mmmmm?" Sumiko waking up by her alarm on her cellphone. "Morning Yuuna-chan!" she said with lots energy as she got up to get ready for classes.  "Morning" Yuuna smiled already dressed and putting her hair up with a red bow.  Soon Yunna and Sumiko left and headed to their first early class while meeting up with the others along the way. 

"Good morning" Michiko said in a sweet voice carrying her books.  "Hi-hi" Yuuna blushed and smiled.  "Where you off too?" Sumiko asked happily.  "Um.." Michiko smiled blushing, "I'm going to see Kyoko-chan, She's outside swinging her favorite blue baseball bat" "Awesome! Cheer her on for me!" Sumiko said in loud energetic voice and went inside the classroom.  "Heehee will do" Michiko waved giggling then turned to Yuuna.

"Have a good day today Yuuna-san"  "Wait..!" Yuuna unzipping her backpack and pulling out the special lunch she made. "This is for you"  "Oh i'm sorry...but i already have a lunch" Michiko looking down feeling bad.  "No.... its quite fault for not asking you first.. Yuuna faking a smile at Michiko.  "I'll still take it though heehee" Michiko smiled and left for outside the building. 

Yuuna smiled happily, but couldn't wait to see Michiko taste the food that she followed Michiko queitly.  Outside on the school field was Kyoko in cute sporty clothes, with her baseball cap and bat.  "Heh, I love early swings!!" Kyoko cheerfuly got in position as the pitching machine started shooting out baseballs. "YAHHHH!!!" Kyoko hit the baseballs fast and hard, sending them in the air like shooting stars and have them land like meteor rocks far away. 

"GO GO GO GO!!!" Michiko yelled happily on a bench cheering Kyoko on.  "Hey!" Kyoko smiled at Michiko and walked up to her.  "Your so great" Michiko blushed smiling.  "Heh, Thanks!" Kyoko laughed abit and sat down next to Michiko. "Ooo what you got there?"  "I had a extra lunch and I wanted you to have it, heehee besides I know how hungry you get after your pratice" Michiko smiled and giggled. 

"Awww so sweet! and your absolutely right as always!" Kyoko smiled and kissed Michiko's cheek then happily starting eating.  Michiko heart beated fast as she turned deep red and smiled watching Kyoko eating, wiping a few rice on her cheek with a tissue. 

Yuuna stood queit with her fists bawled up abit, deeply shocked at Kyoko giving away the meal she made for her and now watching her rival Kyoko eat it instead.  Yuuna pulled out a old photo of her, Michiko, and Kyoko, then she began stabbing the photo angerly against a tree.  "Ill never will always choose Kyoko...always....choose...her..." 

In the principal office, Brittany was drinking hot sweet tea, Elizabeth sitting on the edge of the desk licking strawberry ice cream, and Mary reading queitly.  "Hmmm elections..almost like choosing who is the victim, suspect, and murderer" Mary said as read more.  "Yes...I wonder though..." Britany holding and looking at her tea cup.  "Who will be the murderer?" Elizabeth smiled wicked.  Brittany smiled and nodded, Mary smiled back with her eyes, and Elizabeth let out a grin licking her ice cream more. "Mmmm yummy heehee"

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