Blooming Cherry Blossoms2

The next part of my story set in a new time centers around Sumiko and Ayumi,both being picked on very bad,annoyed,and later pushed over the edge in my horror-(yuri)-drama and tragic story.More trouble blooming among girl students of CherryStone Academy.(Kyoko,Michiko,Yunna,Sumiko,&Ayumi)

Main Cast: Sumiko&Ayumi
Minor Cast: Hiromasa(male),Toshiaki(male),Hoshimi,&Nanami (principal)Brittany,Mary,and Elizabeth


1. Sumiko Chapter:The start of a nightmare

The bell ranged and all classes was over for the day,Sumiko quickly ran to her dorm room to change outfits,her school uniform to a waitress outfit.Then ran to catch the bus to work at Stan's Diner.  "I'm here now!"Sumiko said in a loud cheerful voice walking inside from the back of resturant.  "Great!your turn!my heels are killing me!" Tasia said happily taking one shoe off rubing her feet. 

"Heehee okay" Sumiko went to front of the resturant and began taking orders,coming back with them,she then switched positions constanly.  Being the cashier,even helping making the yummy dishes or cleanig up the dirty ones,and she took out the trash. 

"Wow,go ahead girl!"Tasia teased and smiled,"Keep that up and the boss will have to surrender a bigger paycheck to you"  "Im just happy to help and earn money to save up while on my own now" Sumiko smiled sweetlie and grateful.  "That's very good" Tasia smiled back patting Sumiko's head.  "Purrrr" Sumiko playfuly said and she laughed with Tasia.  Closing time was near and Sumiko waved bye to Tasia who was drove home with her fiance'  "Sumi-chan!"A boy shouted waving as he ran up to Sumiko.  "Toshi-kun!" Sumiko happily ran to him and kissed him."heehee missed my love!" She sqeezed him and Toshiaki smiled blushing,pushing his glass up. 

"Do you want to go out for abit before heading back at the academy?" Toshiaki asked shyly.  "Of course!" Sumiko cheered and held Toshiaki's hand,and they went off but unkownly to them their was a mysterious person following in the shadows.  Toshiaki was enjoying his time with Sumiko in town but Sumiko kept looking around and behind them,feeling uncomfortable with a chill. 

"Umm.. Toshi-kun,do you mind if i head home?"Sumiko asked.  "Aww are you tired or not well?"Toshiaki asking by her change of mood all the sudden.  "I'm okay,just need some rest"Sumiko lied abit and smiled.Then she and Toshiaki parted ways.  Once alone waiting for the bus the chill grew more and just as bus came she caught a glimpse of her ex-boyfriend Hiromasa in the shadows but as she tried to get another look,he vanished. 

"No..way..why..?how...?no it can't be!" Sumiko holding her head as she freaked out abit inside.The bus doors opened and as she walked in,she almost tripped backwards off the bus as it began to ride off onto the streets,until caught by the bus driver.Scarring both the bus driver and a few people on the bus of an possible death.  In the shadows Hiromasa saw and smiled,"Abit clusmy aren't we my love..."

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