Blooming Cherry Blossoms2

The next part of my story set in a new time centers around Sumiko and Ayumi,both being picked on very bad,annoyed,and later pushed over the edge in my horror-(yuri)-drama and tragic story.More trouble blooming among girl students of CherryStone Academy.(Kyoko,Michiko,Yunna,Sumiko,&Ayumi)

Main Cast: Sumiko&Ayumi
Minor Cast: Hiromasa(male),Toshiaki(male),Hoshimi,&Nanami (principal)Brittany,Mary,and Elizabeth


2. Sumiko Chapter:That sick monster

At school the next day,Sumiko could not consertrate at all and kept shaking everytime she tried to write.She kept getting images of Hiromasa and what he did to her in the past,that she instantly ran out the class in panic only to fall on her kness vomitting and even had an uncrontolable urination.  "SUMIKO?!!" Nurse Kaminari shouted runing to her aid quickly. 

"...." Sumiko with no voice at the moment fell out into a deep slumber and was rushed to the nurse office with everyone scared and very worried watching.  "mmmm?" Sumiko began to awaken abit.  "Thank god,I was gonna get the hospital help for you" Nurse Kaminari relieved alot catching her breath.  "Im so sorry" Sumiko said crying and shaking again.

  "What's going on sweetie?what just happen wasn't too normal, would have scared me to death if blood got involed too" Nurse Kaminari held Sumiko close for comfort as she cried alot.  "A back." Sumiko holding her arms shaking with a scared disturbed look in her eyes. Sumiko got up and stood looking down,with blood rolling down her leg as she began to tell Nurse Kaminari about Hiromasa. 

"He was my first love...first boyfriend...that sick monster.." Sumiko bawled up her fists in tears still looking down. "He...abused me all the time..." Sumiko getting a flash back of Hiromasa beating her with his fists if she did what was not told of her,He even took off his belt and tried to choke her for befriending other boys that explains later why she attends a all girl school now. 

"I wasn't ready yet...but he didn't care..I could feel his beast eating me alive..and i lost my one and only treasure..." In another flash back,Hiromasa tricked Sumiko into leaving her classroom and head to the gym.He then pulled her into the gym equiment closent and forced himself on her,after that Sumiko on the floor breaking down began to bleed alot. 

"You can guess what happen to me next..." Sumiko held her stomach feeling sick at the thought.  In the last flash back,Hiromasa got Sumiko pregant three times,first child died in child birth,second child Hiromasa sold and told Sumiko that child died too while she was unconsious,and third child Sumiko managed to have and give it up to a good family home. 

"He ruined me....and now...I fear...he's back..somehow" Sumiko fell to the floor crying hard and grabbed a needle sticking it alot on her arm in a mad panic way.  "STOP!!" Nurse Kaminari yelling as she snatched the needle away and held Sumiko tight,not letting go,even starting to cry after hearing and seeing too much. 

Meanwhile,outside CherryStone Academy,a black car drove up to the front gate.Inside the car was four boys and the one driving steped out wearing black shades.  "Hmmm an all girl school...good girl..can't have you hanging around with other dogs out there...when your beast is here and hungry again..." Hiromasa smiled sadistic and wicked with his pals grining inside the car.

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