Blooming Cherry Blossoms2

The next part of my story set in a new time centers around Sumiko and Ayumi,both being picked on very bad,annoyed,and later pushed over the edge in my horror-(yuri)-drama and tragic story.More trouble blooming among girl students of CherryStone Academy.(Kyoko,Michiko,Yunna,Sumiko,&Ayumi)

Main Cast: Sumiko&Ayumi
Minor Cast: Hiromasa(male),Toshiaki(male),Hoshimi,&Nanami (principal)Brittany,Mary,and Elizabeth


3. Sumiko Chapter:A broken flower

"Welcome Mr.Ishikawa" said by principal Brittany,drinking tea.  "Thank you for letting me come in with such short notice" Hiromasa smiled,posing as Sumiko's family relative.  "My nurse here, assisted i call home for Sumiko after her shocking breakdown today" Brittany said still drinking hot tea."But with luck,you came before i even touched the phone.." 

"Me and Sumiko are a pysic bond you could say" Hiromasa smiling.  "How nice" said by Mary,one of Brittany's assistants,smiling back.  "Mary do you mind showing Mr.Ishikawa to the nurse office,Sumiko is there waiting"Brittany said while her lips was touching her tea cup. 

"Ofcourse Lady Brittany" Mary bowed and left the room with Hiromasa following.  "Oh..and Mr.Ishikawa..take care of her well.." Brittany said in a low voice with her deep dark blind blue eyes starring hard at Hiromasa. 

"Uh..right!" Hiromasa almost scared but kept his cool smiling and left closing the door.  "....or be sorry in the end..." Brittany continued to say as she picked petals off a pink flower. "If that flower loose all her petals...what becomes of it...?".  Meanwhile,Sumiko had fallen asleep in the nurse office,unaware that Hiromasa had her right in his palms again. 

"A sleepy kitten,how cute" Hiromasa smiling mad as he injected a drug into Sumiko's arm. "There you will feel all better soon". Hiromasa then noticed Sumiko's cellphone ringed with a text message and he read it getting angry. 

"Who is Toshiaki?! Hiromasa realizing Suimko found a new love but started to smile and laugh abit."Hmm we should meet Toshiaki soon".  After being put into a longer slumber,Sumiko finally begun to wake up and froze in fear seeing Hiromasa up close in flesh and blood. "Nooooooo!!" Sumiko screamed scooting into a corner holding her head panicing with tears. 

"Aww no hug or kiss?how mean" Hiromasa laughed and grabbed Sumiko's leg,dragging her around with her screaming more loud.  "Sheesh shup it will ya!!" Hiromasa annoyed and sat on a bed. "I've a offer for you...give me one last taste and i won't hurt that boy Toshiaki".  "Toshi'kun?!DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH HIM!!! Sumiko griping Hiromasa's shirt collar until slapped onto the floor. 

"Don't try to get all big and tough now,anyway what will it be my love?" Hiromasa smiling undressing Sumiko into her undergarments.  "If...I you will not harm or involve Toshiaki?" Sumiko crying and becoming broken with deep lifeless eyes. 

"I promise" Hiromasa pulling Sumiko close and began kissing her much to her dismay.  Sumiko fallen prey to Hiromarsa,unkownly knew that he indeed lied and at that same time Toshiaki was fooled into meeting Sumiko private only to be surrounded by a gang of boys ready to strike with either fists or weapons. 

Later Hiromasa dropped Sumiko off onto road. "I'll be leaving soon so I'll be back for you early in the morning,have all your things ready" Hiromasa winked and smiled driving off fast down the road. "Alright..." Sumiko said in a low voice and begun walking to the academy until she saw a crowd of people in total fear. "What's going on?"Sumiko went over then froze once again,seeing blood everywhere and Toshiaki beaten to death. 

"Toshi....?!! Toshi....?!! TOOOSSSHHHIII!!!!" Sumiko screamed onto his bloody body,crying hard with all her strength and banging her fists onto the ground making them bleed. "SO STUPID!!,....I let him win again...again..again AGAIN!!!" 

The police and parametics arrived and Sumiko stood walking away with blood drops behind her trail from her fists and blood on right side of her face.  Sumiko pulled out her phone and texted Hiromasa to meet her at the train station.

"Hee..heehee..HEEHEEE" Sumiko giggled loud and became mad with revenge in her head. "I will make sure ...that when you won't ever come back..." Sumiko smiled and licked the blood off her hands.

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