Blooming Cherry Blossoms2

The next part of my story set in a new time centers around Sumiko and Ayumi,both being picked on very bad,annoyed,and later pushed over the edge in my horror-(yuri)-drama and tragic story.More trouble blooming among girl students of CherryStone Academy.(Kyoko,Michiko,Yunna,Sumiko,&Ayumi)

Main Cast: Sumiko&Ayumi
Minor Cast: Hiromasa(male),Toshiaki(male),Hoshimi,&Nanami (principal)Brittany,Mary,and Elizabeth


6. Ayumi Chapter:Bullies could be taught a thing or two

In gymnasion,the girls were runing around being timed by the gym teacher,and when the whistle was blowen,the girls switched turns with someone in their team.  In team panda,was Ayumi,Hoshimi,and Nanami runing to tag one of them.  Ayumi was tagged and she began to run fast but felt a lack of support by her teamates. 

"Don't screw up newbie!" Nanami yelled and with Hoshimi yelling also."Win!!" Ayumi overwhelmed and loosing her breath alot that made her slowed down then trip falling down.  "What the was that?!!" Hoshimi angry watching team unicorn win the blue ribbonsand they get a golden star sticker. 

"I-Im sorry"Ayumi catching her breath getting up from the floor until Nanami kicked her leg making her fall again. "Yeah your sorry alright!"  After that all girls were in the girls locker room showering and getting dressed back in uniform.  Hoshimi and Nanami sneaked behind Ayumi's shower curtain and pulled them away,exposing Ayumi's body to everyone but all even Hoshimi and Nanami was shocked to see that Ayumi was born with the male organ instead of a female's. 

Ayumi broke down in tears alot trying to hide herself but Hoshimi and Nanami prevented it and held her hands away from her body. "I knew you was a freak!" Hoshimi laughed loud.  Girls began laughing,then some were very disgusted and disturbed.Kyoko finding out what happen ran to the girls locker room with a towel,wraping it around Ayumi and took her away from everyone.  In the principal office,Ayumi sat crying in Kyoko's arms, as she reported what happen that made Brittany very upset hearing it. 

"Bullies in my school..." Brittany stood from her desk and looked out the window. "Either I stop them or they will pay a price" Brittany whispered with a deep cold stare with her eyes.  "What should i do?" Kyoko asked worried comforting Ayumi.  "Elizabeth" Brittany called with a determind look.  A cute blonde girl appeared in the room with a smile,"Yes?"  "Will you care for Ayumi while i go see who the bullies were?" Brittany asked drinking abit of tea.  "Ofcorse,no problem Brit Brit" Elizabeth smiled and gave Ayumi some tea.  Brittany then left the office follwing Kyoko to the troublemakers. 

"Don't worry Miss Ayumi-san" Elizabeth smiled."Bullies could be taught a thing or two,don't you think?" Ayumi wiping her tears more and nodded drinking warm tea. Elizabeth layed on the office desk with her chin in her hand's palm and grinned."What would you do then...Miss Ayumi-san?"

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