Blooming Cherry Blossoms2

The next part of my story set in a new time centers around Sumiko and Ayumi,both being picked on very bad,annoyed,and later pushed over the edge in my horror-(yuri)-drama and tragic story.More trouble blooming among girl students of CherryStone Academy.(Kyoko,Michiko,Yunna,Sumiko,&Ayumi)

Main Cast: Sumiko&Ayumi
Minor Cast: Hiromasa(male),Toshiaki(male),Hoshimi,&Nanami (principal)Brittany,Mary,and Elizabeth


7. Ayumi Chapter: Burned!!

Brittany sitting in a chair, had Hoshimi and Nanami in a private room.  "Did you exposed a student for your own gain of payback?"Brittany asked in a serious tone.  "It wasn't a big deal,just abit of fun!" Hoshimi shouted mad.  "Yeah,not our faut she turned out to be a freak" Nanami said rolling her eyes.  "I that your final words then?" Britany asked with a calm look. 

Both Hoshimi and Nanami nodded with their arms acrossed on their cheast.  "Fine,your both expelled from my academy" Brittany stood going to the door.  "WHAT?!!" Hoshimi and Nanami shocked. 

Brittany turned to them in a deep cold stare with her blind eyes,"I expect you two gone by the end of the day" she then left the room into the hallways.  "This all her fault!" Nanami kicked chairs over angerly.  "Lets take of business first" Hoshimi upset and smiled. 

Ayumi was dressed back in her uniform in the girls bathroom and suddenly heard the door opened.  "Hey freak!" Hoshimi slammed the door opened and walk to Ayumi,slaping her alot. "Your little baby tears got us kicked out school!!" Nanami started kicking Ayumi in the stomach,cheast,and in her male organ area. 

"Leave me alone!!" Ayumi shouted loud, panicing in tears pushing Hoshimi into Nanami and ran away to the staircase to the roof. Nanami and Hoshimi chased after her.  Ayumi stood on the roof with her hair blowing and she developed a very mad corrupted look,she began lighting matches and once the girls came she threw them like fire balls at the girls. 

"HOT HOT HOT!!!!" Hoshimi and Nanami panicing and screaming striping down fast out their clothes on fire.  Ayumi stared at them with deep hatred "Look who is exposed now,Your nothing anyway,go away" Ayumi pushed Hoshimi off the roof,she quickly grabed Nanami's arm,making her go down with her.  "Don't play with fire if you can't take the heat later" Ayumi said with eyes almost deep mad and demontic.  Brittany was outside the school picking up a package and headed back inside only to find Hoshimi and Nanami dead naked. 

"Just in time,the day is now over" Brittany said walking pass queitly.  "Heh heehee,burned!" Elizabeth laughed in the principal office poking her finger in a lit candle."Mess with a flame and expect a bomb to fall"

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