The House

When Autum is go to a new pet stroke for bunny food she has no idea what it looks like and she accidentally goes into One Directions house. She hears them coming home and has to hide. Do they find her?


8. Yes!

Oh. My. Gosh. Was all I could think. "Yes!" I blurted. Niall slid the pretty ring on to my finger. It was diamond shaped and the outside strip was white then pink then white. I hugged him and then Zayn, Louis, Liam and Harry bursted through and sang Gotta Be You. Niall joined in and when they were done I hugged everyone. I went to the hallway and called my mom. I told her the adress and told her to come here. She came and Niall came down. "Mom, I'm marrying him." I said. "No, when??" She replied, shocked. "It just happened now." I informed her slowly. "Eee!"She squealed. "Kay bye that's all now." I urged her. She sighed and left. When she was gone I turned to Niall. "Dress shopping!" I said. I called Eleanor, Louis's girlfriend who I had recently been introduced to. "Dress shopping! Louis told me." She said once she picked up. "K. Come. now. PLEASE!" I begged. She hung up and a few minute later she was here. We picked up my mom and Danielle, Liam's girlfriend. We went to the best wedding store and walked inside. "I need a dress and bridesmaid's dress's." I told the person at the desk. She nodded and someone led us to a big room with a changing curtain. I still couldn't believe I was engaged! I was only 19! I picked a dress to try on that was white silk and had little pink jewels on the waist. It was cheap but pretty. I tried it on and walked out. Everyone loved it and so did I. I chose that one and then I had to find shoes and a vale. I picked simple pink and white flats that were kind of wedges. I chose a simple silk vale. We went on to bridesmaid dresses now. It would be Danielle and Eleanor as my bridesmaids. We choses strapless dresss' that were yellow on the top and blue on the bottom. That only took us and hour and then we payed and got everything into the car. We drove back home and me and Niall went upstairs. We went on his laptop and looked for a small house nearby. We chose a house with 2 guest rooms, one main bedroom, four bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room and a living room. There were two levels to it. We bought it and designed invitations. We chose a beach with a little tent for the wedding. We wanted everything done early so we weren't stressing out at the last minute. Then Niall went suit shopping with the guys. I printed out 150 invitations even though at max there would be 100 guest just in case. Danielle and Eleanor went shopping with me for decorations. We didn't need much because the tent was small but we found pretty much everything we would need. We had to rent a truck though. It took everything to home and left. We put everything in the guest room so it wouldn't get wrecked. Niall came back and I showed him everything we had gotten. We had clovers that I would put in my hair and also on the walls of the tent. We wrote the names on the invitations and signed them. We put them in envelopes and went to the post office. We got everything sent and we went back home. I stayed the night and we all watched movies for a while. It was finally time to go to bed and we all went upstaurs. I grabbed a blanket from the linen closet and remembered when I hid there and Niall I think grabbed a blanket and almost found me. I also grabbed some pillows and set up a bed on Niall's small couch "You are not sleeping on a couch." He said to me. 'Well fine have fun sleeping on it while I sleep on the comfy bed." I said to him. He pushed the bed against the couch and put his head on the side of the bed and his legs on the couch. I layed on the bed and drifted off to sleep.

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