The House

When Autum is go to a new pet stroke for bunny food she has no idea what it looks like and she accidentally goes into One Directions house. She hears them coming home and has to hide. Do they find her?


6. Looking Up

When I woke up I was lying on a small fold out chair in the hospital. I stood up and walked over to Niall. He was in a coma. I say beside him on the bed and held his hand. This was all my fault. I had dropped my phone in the pond and he had went after it. A doctor walked in and said "Zayn is in the next room. Go see him." I walked out and over to the next room. Zayn was standing in front of a small closet and holding a bag. He put some clothes into it and picked up a big monkey stuffed animal the guys and Paul had gotten him. "I'm better! I'm allowed to leave!" He said happily. I cheered and led him out. I tossed him the keys to my car. "You are allowed to drive right?" I asked him. He nodded and made his way towards the exit. I walked back into Niall's room. "We think he might be able to hear us, but we are not sure." The doctor informed me, I nodded and sat on the chair. The doctor left and I sat beside Niall. I kissed him on the cheek and walked to the front doors. I caught up to Zayn before he left. "Can we go to the Apple electronics store?" U asked him. He drove there and I grabbed my phone and hopped out. I went inside and found someone that worked there. "My phone was dropped on cement and slid under water." I told her. She took it and studied it closely. "It's not fixable you need a new one." She said. I took my Black and pink hearts case off and decided to upgrade to an IPhone 4S. I walked over to their section and chose on with pink on off and volume buttons. I brought it to the counter the person there said "That will be 200 dollars." I pulled out my credit card and swiped it. She put the phone in the clear glass case with a charger, manual, earbuds and 100 dollar I tunes card in it. She handed it to me and I left. I got in the car and showed Zayn my new phone. He nodded and drove away. I took it out and slipped the case on. I put it back in as we pulled up outside the hospital because I wanted to see Niall again. As I was about to go his room a nurse stopped me. "You need to come with us." She said. She led me to an empty room and a doctor came in as she left. I sat on the bed and the doctor told me to lie down. I did and he walked over. He started removing my cast. He finally go is he'd and left. I walked over to Nialls room. All of the sudden his eyes flew open. "Niall!" I cried. I hugged him and he hugged me back. I showed him my new phone. "I'm sorry Niall."
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