The House

When Autum is go to a new pet stroke for bunny food she has no idea what it looks like and she accidentally goes into One Directions house. She hears them coming home and has to hide. Do they find her?


11. Later

It was a month after my mom died and they still hadn't found out how. Her funeral had been polite. We had somewhat gotten over it and I was heading to Apple. I pulled up in front of it and walked in. At the back desk was the same girl who had showed me my new phone. "Hey I thought I should get it waterproofed just in case." I told her. She took my phone and measured it. She typed something on a small machine. A minute later she pulled out a clear plastic rectangle the size of my phone.She pulled it open and it looked like the screen protector. She took my case off and put the clear thing on my phone. She then slipped my phone into a slot of the machine. A few minutes later she took it out and it looked really shiny. She took a small sharp thing and cut holes around the buttons and cameras. she picked up a cream like thing and dabbed some on her finger. She spread it on the exposed parts and slid it back into the machine. When it came back out it looked normal again. "Thanks. How much?" I said. "Fifteen dollars." I handed her a twenty and she gavel a five back. I took my phone and put the case back on. I walked out and headed to Micheals. I put my name tag on and went in. I went to the clay and safari animals action. I loved staying there because the things were so cool. Sometimes I got a discount on them. A customer walked by and asked me "Where do you find Sculpey clay" She asked. I pointed behind me and she walked over and chose 12 colours. She walked off to cash and stopped in front of One Direction posters. She walked away and I stayed there for the rest of the day and finally I could leave. I put my name tag away and left to my car. When I got home I changed and put a movie on. I put on Toy Story and Niall cane home and joined me. We fell asleep there.
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