The House

When Autum is go to a new pet stroke for bunny food she has no idea what it looks like and she accidentally goes into One Directions house. She hears them coming home and has to hide. Do they find her?


5. Is This The End?

Niall's Point Of View

I put away my guitar and led Autumn downstairs. Zayn looked like he was doing a lot worse. Autumn helped him to the car and I drove to the hospital. The doctor said he was doing worse and might not fully recover enough for him to leave for a few years. I drove home, sad. Autumn attempted to text the guys the news but she dropped her phone out the window since her cast was still on. I landed on the sidewalk with a thud. I pulled over a little ways up the street and jogged over to her phone. It wasn't there and I looked beside. There was a big pond and her phone was in it. I would have to go in to get it. I slid of my sneakers and slid in carefully. The water was freezing but I dove under anyway. I grabbed onto her phone and tried to float to the surface. But my hand and my leg had gotten knotted up in some reeds. I struggled at them but they wouldn't come off. I was losing air. I couldn't break them and I couldn't slide myself out. I managed to see Autumn slide out of the car and glance around. She started walking in the opposite direction I was and I wanted to yell, but then I would lose all of my air. I squirmed around and got my waist stuck too. I felt dizzy and felt like I was about to drown. I stayed as long as I coils and I was about to lose it. I got even more tangled in the reeds as I heard someone walking along. Something heavy landed on my back. It shoved me down further. The persons grabbed the heavy thing and saw me.

Autumn's point of view

I ran around looking for Niall. I was really worried. I ran to the car and grabbed a big book. I was crying by now and I sat by a pond. I dropped the book into the pond. It fell into something and I picked it up. I peered into the water and saw Niall tangled in reeds. I grabbed a sharp rock and slipped in the pond. I reached under and found his foot tangled in reeds. I jabbed them with the rock and got it free. I did the same with the one at his waist but it wouldn't break. I tried his hand and got it free. I jabbed at his waist and finally got it. I pulled him to the surface and it looked like he was about to faint. He fell back towards the water. And went under. Since my phone didn't worked I grabbed it and dragged Niall to the car. I put him in the passenger seat and slid in the drivers. I drove to the hospital carefully. I left Niall in the car and ran to the front desk. I grabbed a wheel chair from the door and said "Quick! Come!" She followed me out and I opened the car door. Niall fell out and I slid the wheelchair under him. "He was under water for to long and got stuck. And the water was also freezing cold." I blurted. She grabbed the wheelchair and I followed her inside. She brought him to an empty room and left. I put him carefully on the bed and sat in a chair beside it. A doctor rushed in and plugged something into his arm. He put a tube into his mouth and pushed a few things on a machine. He typed some stuff in and something went onto his arm from the IV. "He's in a coma from the coldness and air loss." The doctor informed me. I started crying and was asked to wait outside. I did and when I came back in I started crying even harder. The doctor said I can stay and brought me a little fold out chair to sleep on. He left and I pulled of my shoes and layed down on the chair. I fell asleep.
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