The House

When Autum is go to a new pet stroke for bunny food she has no idea what it looks like and she accidentally goes into One Directions house. She hears them coming home and has to hide. Do they find her?


4. Hospital

Niall followed the ambulance to the hospital. We got there a few minutes after them and we followed the stretcher they were bringing him in on. They led him to a room and made us wait outside. Niall called the other guys who I was pretty sure were Harry, Louis and Liam. They got there fifteen minutes later. We all had to wait outside for about half an hour. When we were allowed in Zayn had a big bandage wrapped around his stomach and an IV in his arm. He looked very weak and also tired. We just talked to him for awhile about normal things and then we were asked to leave the room. We did and we decided that we should probably just leave and let him rest. Niall drove me home and said "Can I tell  Paul that we met you when we were driving to the hospital and became friends?"  I nodded and waved goodbye. I went inside carefully and changed into my pajamas. I went to bed worrying about Zayn. When I woke up it was ten. My ankle felt better, but I kept the tensor bandage on. I got some toast and munched on it for my breakfast. I had just moved in on my own so there was no one else there. When I was finished my breakfast I brushed my teeth had a shower and got changed. I was very glad I had a waterproof cast. It was twelve by now and I slid my tensor bandage off. I walked downstairs and sat on my couch. I called Niall and he came over and picked me up. To my surprise he brought me to a car shop. "Pick whatever you want." He said. I picked a silver Tuscon. He got my a liscense copy and drove it to my house while I waited there. He came back and we went over to the hospital. Zayn had gotten a little better, but not by much. He wasn't as tired as before and he was able to sit up. He stil had a big gash where the car window had sliced him on his stomach though. They had put something on it the night before and it was looking better. We had to wait in the hallway and he got stitches done. They said he could leave as long as he took it easy. We drove him to the park and sat on a bench for fresh air. After about half an hour we left. "What happened to your arm?" Zayn  asked me as Niall drove to their house. "Oh I fell down your stairs and broke it." I replied. He nodded. 

Zayn's point of view.

My stomach still really hurt and the stitches were stinging my skin. Niall drove us back home and I couldnt take the pain anymore. "My stitches really hurt." I blurted. Autumn glanced back and handed me something. I took it and I noticed it was some cream. I rubbed it on the stitches and they felt better immeadietly. We got back to our house and Niall and Autumn helped me inside. I layed own on the couch, not wanting to have to go on the stairs. They left upstairs and I flicked the TV on. Nothing good was on so I turned it back off. Paul came downstairs and made me some soup. "Thanks." I said and ate it. I put the bowl on the side table and fell asleep.

Niall's point of view.

I loved her strawberry blonde hair and her grey-blue eyes. We went upstairs and she asked me to sing one of our songs. I sang One Thing and What Makes You Beautiful. She took my guitar and played. It was beautiful music even though she had a cast on her arm. I asked her to do it again and this time I recorded it on my phone. She played a bunch of different things and they all sounded great. "I sound horrible because of this stupid cast I have to wear." She said all of the sudden. "No you don't. It's wonderful." I replied while shaking my head at her. She kept playing for a little while and Harry came in. I could tell he really liked it too.

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