The House

When Autum is go to a new pet stroke for bunny food she has no idea what it looks like and she accidentally goes into One Directions house. She hears them coming home and has to hide. Do they find her?


7. Gotta Be You

"I'm fine and it wasn't your fault." Niall insisted. I nodded like I agreed even though I didn't. I drove Niall home and we went up to his room. I played the guitar again and I sounded better cause my cast was off. Niall went to his closet and looked around for something. A few minutes later he picked up a small box. It was pink and the size of a phone but thicker. He gave it to me and inside was a small silver bracelet. It had one charm, a four leaf clover. Niall handed me another charm that was One Direction's symbol. I carefully put in on the bracelet and slip the bracelet on my wrist. 'Thank you." I  to him quietly. He nodded and sat on his bed. I pulled out my phone and started adding my contacts. I re-downloaded all my apps and music and pictures from Itunes. I took another picture of Niall and used it for his contact. I saved everything. I went downstairs and Niall followed. "FOOD!" He yelled. I laughed and found some pancake mix and made some. I set a big stack of pancakes in front of Niall and I started eating my own. I was still hungry so I grabbed on of Niall's pancakes. He screamed at me and I ran and grabbed his plate. I opened the back door and walked to the small ravine behind his house. I held the pancakes over the water and said "Let me eat one or the pancakes get it." "You wouldn't." Niall said. I pushed on off the plate and it plopped into the ravine. I dropped two more and he finally said "Fine you can have one." I gobbled up one and handed him the plate. He shoved the last three into his mouth and swallowed. We went back inside and I grabbed the cookie he was about to eat. i ran to the door and stopped. "Kidding." I said and gave him back the cookie. He ate it and ran over to me. He picked me up and carried me outside. "This is for the three poor pancakes." He said holding me over the ravine. He let go of me and I splashed into the ravine. I sprayed him with water and pulled on his feet. He fell in and found his pancakes. "Look what you did to them." He dropped them back in and climbed out. He wasn't as wet as I was because he was only in up to his knees. All of me was wet though. I climbed out gasped. "NIALL!" I screamed at him. "What?" he asked me. "MY PHONE IS IN MY POCKET!" I yelled. He ran inside and said "No it isn't." He said, holding it up. I sighed in relief. I took it and put it on the counter. I drove home and changed. When I came back to the guys hose I grabbed my phone and went upstairs. Louis was the first on e I saw so I walked up to him. "Niall went out somewhere." He told me while munching on a carrot. I went into Niall's room and waited for him to get back. When he came up he held out a small pink box. He kneeled down and opened it. "Autumn, will you please marry me?"

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