The House

When Autum is go to a new pet stroke for bunny food she has no idea what it looks like and she accidentally goes into One Directions house. She hears them coming home and has to hide. Do they find her?


2. Failed Escape

I crept past his room and saw a room plastered with mirrors. I guy with black hair and brown eyes was admiring his reflection. In the other two rooms there were a guy with brown hair in each room. In the last room there was a tough looking guy peering out the window. He turned around and I ran down the hallway. I stopped at the mirror room. I looked into one and I saw myself reflected in it. Oops. The black haired guy turned around and was about to scream but I ran up and cover his mouth. "Shush." I whispered. "I swear I thought this was a new pet store and then you guys came and I hid." I finished in a hush. He whipped my hand away and screamed. I ran to the linen closet but the younger guys were out in the hall. Zayn explained to them with a doubtful look on his face. "She probably a fan." Harry said. "Why would you have fans your just regular guys?" I said, confused. "Hi we're Ine Direction." They chorused together. "Wait that new boy and thingy?" The blonde nodded. "Paul's coming hide unknown who must live under a rock." Zayn said. I slipped in the linen closet and his behind the towels. A few minutes later I heard a car pull away. I stepped out of the closet and went to the blonde's room. "I'm Autumn." I told him. "Niall." He replied. I nodded. For a few minutes I just stood in Niall's doorway. All of the sudden the dude Niall told me was 'Paul' walked up the stairs.
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