Summer Love

i love Niall so yea..


2. The Beach!

 I drive to the beach haft asleep i park and get into the trunk to get all of our things to find a good place.... After i set up i walk along the beach and wait for Tori i hope she gets here soon i... BAM!!!!!! OUCH i fell on the ground someone walk up to me and said im sorry are okay???? Yea im fine WAIT your your your Niall Horan of One Direction OMG!!!!! i cant believe your here like right here!! Yea love i am ha-ha are you sure your all right?? Yes im fine  thank you so what are you doing here if you dont mind me asking that is... Not at all well im waiting for  Harry to get back from Taco Bell im hungry... My friend is at taco bell to she is going to freak ha ha.. Love do you want to come sit with me??  



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