Time Counts

A boy, Ellis, only 9 years old can control time - starting and stopping it whenever he wants. Not knowing how powerful his powers are, they eventually take over him leaving him in a world stopped for good. Will he reverse the spell within 24 hours?


2. Figuring out my powers


Not knowing what to do, i walked down the stairs until i reached my dog Horris. He was frozen in mid air, it was as if he was in the middle of falling down the stairs. My eyes watered at the sight, his face looked in pain. I stroked his back, not knowing what to do. Then i realized what was happening. I looked at my hand, the timer still ticking i pressed the button. 


Horris flashed from my eyes and the next minute he was lying at the bottom of the stairs. He stood up, moaned and then walked over to his bed. I was so confused, i pressed the clock another time to experiment. Horris still lay there, but i wanted to test it on something else, my mother and father.


"MUM! DAD! I FELL DOWN THE STAIRS!" i screamed, expecting my mum to sprint down the stairs to sooth my pain. Nothing. 


I stomped up the stairs hoping to wake them up, banging on the walls and screaming hoping to get some reaction. Still, nothing. I ran into their room jumping on their bed. They moved when i jumped, but stiff when i didn't move them as if they were dead corpses. I got scared from the sight.


"mum? dad?" I got of the bed hugging them. I clicked my stopwatch again, still holding my mum and dad as i wept still scared. I heard a mumble.


"mm...hmm...what...aww, i didnt hear you come in Ellis! whats up?" My dad mumbled.


"nothing Dad, im ok now" I happily sniffed walking back to my room, not so scared anymore about what powers i have in my hands.

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