Time Counts

A boy, Ellis, only 9 years old can control time - starting and stopping it whenever he wants. Not knowing how powerful his powers are, they eventually take over him leaving him in a world stopped for good. Will he reverse the spell within 24 hours?


1. The stopwatch

"Jane! where do i put this old TV?" My Dad yelled down the wooden ladder. My Mum walked quickly to the bottom of the ladder to take a look at the TV.


"take it down and throw it in the tip, we don't want to be wasting any space up there" She wiped her nose then rubbed her forehead with her sleeve.


"Go back to bed honey, you look awful...and Donny, come up here and take a look at all this old stuff in case there is anything you want to keep" My Dad walked away from the hole in the ceiling and disappeared from my sight.


I took of my jumper and walked up the ladder step by step as carefully as possible. Every step i took i felt the ladder was wobbling more. Feeling faint, i reached the top. The ladder was only 8 steps high and yet i was afraid i was going to fall. 


Yes, i am an exaggerator. I will exaggerate over the slightest thing, especially when i climb heights. Any height of ground level i will feel faint and dizzy. I don't mind people mocking me because of my problem, because i always win my arguments. As much as i know it, i like to let people know i am extremely smart. I am the geek of my class and i am proud to say so, even though i also get bullied for it. I also get bullied for my collecting, i love collecting old things that have some sort of historical meaning. I know all the bidding sites made especially for historical objects as well. I work as a paper boy and get quite a bit of cash for it, so save half for when i go of to Uni and half gets put towards my historical collections.


I looked around me. Stacks of boxes filled the sides of the room. I walked to the very end of the room and work my way down as my trick to finding the best possible things is to start where i don't want to look first, as i have always found i find the most desirable objects there. It is just something i have always believed in ever since i started historical collecting.


"Hey...Dad whats this? i haven't seen one like this before!" I held up a dusty, gold stopwatch which was in it's unopened box. I held it in my hand while my Dad studied it.


"A rare gold stopwatch, it comes from a long line of generations from your ancestors. It is handmade out of real gold and for generations there has been a rumour that this very stopwatch is powerful. No one know's what it is though as it has never been opened. Everyone is too scared in case it is some sort of curse so don't want to risk it...wow...you should keep it in your collections, its likely to be the most precious hing you will ever own" I gazed at my Dad in amazement. I ran down the ladder not even noticing the height i was so excited and placed it in the middle of my collections table where my most prized possession's sit.



     *     *     * 



It was night time and i sat on my bed cross legged staring at my collectibles sitting in front of me. I had gathered a gold necklace, a trinket and i found my Dad's old first prize shinty cup. I was proud of everything i collected, but one thing seemed to stand out over the rest. Standing up, I reached my arms out to the stopwatch. Not scratched. Not used. Having the sudden urge to open it, before i thought about the consequences, the box was open. I burst into panic, my head spinning.


I felt sick, knowing i had just opened a ancient stopwatch which has never been opened before. It was thrilling. I took it out the packaging, letting the cold metal rub against my fingertips. I felt like it belonged in my hands, like fate brought it to me to open and keep. I needed to press the button. If i just pressed the button, i would be able to sleep at night relaxed.


I pushed it. The hand on the clock started moving. I felt so happy, i needed to show my mum and dad. I ran out of my room putting a hand on their bedroom door handle before something stopped me in my tracks. So many questions flashed through my mind, how disappointed would they be if they knew i opened it? would they be ok with it? I decided not to show them or my own safety. 


Disappointed, i trailed my feet along the hallway back to my room, before i noticed something unusual. I took a look down the stairs so horrified I froze. 

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