Blooming Cherry Blossoms

Best friends Kyoko and Michiko have a strong bond that began to break when another comes between them,causing jealousy,envy,and pain that later become to much that it may push one over the edge.(First Part)

School: CherryStone Academy(all girls)
Major Cast: Kyoko,Michiko,Ayumi
Minor Cast: Yuuna, & Sumiko


5. Michiko Chapter:Losing her head

Kyoko had fell asleep over Ayumi's house and still sleeping on the couch with Ayumi in the kitchen sighing, as she remember how she and Kyoko kissed and fix their misunderstanding but soon Kyoko felled asleep on Ayumi's lap who sat their frozen in heaven blushing red. 

"Im such a idoit.." Ayumi said in embarrassment but smiled making breakfast.  Michiko soaked from sitting in the shower for hours and her hands clean, sat on her bed with lifeless eyes again with tears. "Kyoko-san..." She called Ayumi's number that she got from Kyoko's cellphone.  "Hello?" Ayumi answered knowing it wasn't Kyoko.  "....Hurt her and I'll hurt you..."  "W-who is this?!" Ayumi abit freaked out and accedentily cut her finger chopping potatoes."Ouch!!" Screamed Ayumi. 

"...Hurt her and that won't be last blood you spill... Michiko said and hung up, then Ayumi was sent a picture of Michiko's hand holding a sharp knife.  Ayumi screamed once again terrified,waking Kyoko up who ran to her quickly.  Later on in the day,Kyoko returned back to the academy,and Michiko happily huged her tight. "I was so worried!"  "Im so sorry" Kyoko huged backed tighly. 

"Whats wrong?Your not at all happy" Michiko asked very concerned.  "Someone close to me just got threated and now she refuse to leave the house for awhile" Kyoko very sad and walked off to get ready for class. 

"..Scared at home" Michiko's eyes turned cold dark and she smiled.  In class Yuuna became worried about Michiko who gental face recently looked scary dead,she glared at Kyoko,knowing she was the cause.After the bell ranged fews hours later Yunna grabed Michiko's arm.  "We need to talk" said Yuuna in a low determined voice. 

In a private closent room stood Michiko looking down with her long hair in her face. "I know since childhood you have loved Kyoko" Yuuna said abit jealous that made Michiko turn red alittle lifting her head abit. "You need to know that you have another choice standing right here"  Michiko blushed more and looked at Yuuna,who was waiting for an answer. 

Then instanly Michiko saw sad Kyoko walked passed the room and left after her,leaving Yuuna stunned and very upset.  "Kyoko?"Michiko reaching for her hand and holds it."How about we go out tonight,my treat?  "Hmm,Okay" Kyoko smiled feeling better abit  "Great" Michiko very happy and excited.  Yuuna watched and became depressed,held up her hand like a gun to her head,"Boom" she said with a tear rolling down like blood.

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