Blooming Cherry Blossoms

Best friends Kyoko and Michiko have a strong bond that began to break when another comes between them,causing jealousy,envy,and pain that later become to much that it may push one over the edge.(First Part)

School: CherryStone Academy(all girls)
Major Cast: Kyoko,Michiko,Ayumi
Minor Cast: Yuuna, & Sumiko


4. Kyoko Chapter:The surprise from under the dress Part2.

The evening time had came,the bus had dropped off Ayumi and Kyoko to a neighborhood and Ayumi invited Kyoko over her house.  "Wow lovely home" Kyoko said happily walking around and sat on a chair relaxing. "I'll go make some ice tea" Ayumi smiled and went into the kitchen.  Kyoko looking around more, "Do you live here alone?" Kyoko asked. Ayumi came back into the room with two ice teas and answered in a low voice, "Yes,my parents are very busy but pay my stay here".  "Aww how come?,the acamedy is home for students also"Kyoko said with abit of concern.  "I'm abit different...from all the girls at the academy and dont want to cause any trouble" Ayumi said sadly looking down with abit of watery eyes. 

Kyoko pulled Ayumi's cheek giggling,"Make such cute faces heh heehee!" Kyoko then held Ayumi's cheeks smiling very kind,"Don't think such things,besides you have me now,so promise i'll see you soon".  "Okay" Ayumi answered blushing happily and as she stood up she tripped,falling back backwards on the soft floor rugs with her dress flying way up in Kyoko's face. Kyoko turned bright red,"Your a girl....but that shouldnt there..." Ayumi so embarrassed in tears quickly pulled down her dress. 

" oh its late! I should go but you get some rest and see you soon!later!" Kyoko smiling nervously and paniced abit in shock,leaving in a hurry to get home and kinda avoid the unexpected surprise situation.  Back at CherryStone Academy,Michiko was sound asleep happily with Kyoko now with her,but Kyoko could not sleep and kept thinking about Ayumi. 

Ayumi kept messaging in fear she just her love,Kyoko put on some clothes and sneaked out queitly with her cellphone left behind.  Ayumi in her room in tears then heard her door bell ranged,and she went to answer it,slowley opening the door her heart skipped a beat. "Kyoko-chan i-!"  Suddenly cut off in speech as Kyoko pulled her close kissing her passionate and Kyoko still kissing Ayumi closed the front door from inside the house. 

The next morning,Michiko was shocked and very worried with no Kyoko in the room or in the bed,or even cheering loudly. She then saw Kyoko's phone and opened in with her heart breaking as she saw the screen picture of Kyoko hand to hand with a girl. 

Michiko then read the missed messages by Ayumi and she stood emotionless with tears rolling down. "Why...I was always here....always here..why her..heart open for you but..she offered you her heart more..." Michiko walked into the bathroom starring in the mirror where her eyes fooled her into seeing Ayumi with a wicked smile and laughing at her. "Aeeeyee!!" Michiko broke the glass with her hands angerly then sat in the shower sulking alot with bloody hands and lifeless eyes.

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