Blooming Cherry Blossoms

Best friends Kyoko and Michiko have a strong bond that began to break when another comes between them,causing jealousy,envy,and pain that later become to much that it may push one over the edge.(First Part)

School: CherryStone Academy(all girls)
Major Cast: Kyoko,Michiko,Ayumi
Minor Cast: Yuuna, & Sumiko


3. Kyoko Chapter:The surprise from under the dress Part1.

"Oh yeah weekend!!!! haahaa!" Kyoko up early cheering loud with enthusiam.  "Heehee,what is this?" Michiko sitting up in her nightgown smiling. "Someone is in a very good mood more than usual"Michiko said very curious.  "Heh heehee!" Kyoko laughed nervously and blushed abit remembering what happen in the nurse office. "Oh umm its nothing but i'm heading out today" .  Michiko smiled and got up looking for an outfit "I'll join you". 

"No! I mean,im sorry,i got plans already" Kyoko said feeling abit bad.  "Its alright,I understand" Michiko smiling but sadness in her eyes. "Your sure?" Kyoko smiled close in Michiko's eyes,making her blush. "Heehee,yes i'm sure,ill see you when you get back" Michiko said happily blushing. 

"Cool! Im off then!" Kyoko cheerfuly ran out the room and out the campus like runing track.  Michiko sitting alone then got up and layed in Kyoko's bed having a fantasy and kissed Kyoko's teddy bear sweetlie. 

Meanwhile,Kyoko was outside sitting on a bench waiting and Ayumi ran to Kyoko with a big cute smile.  "I hope I didn't keep you waiting" Ayumi smiling with such love in her eyes in a long beautiful white dress.  "Nope,lets go!" Kyoko smiled very kind holding out her hand and Ayumi blushed taking it with no intension of letting go anytime soon. 

On the bus,Kyoko was looking in the window while Ayumi rested her head on Kyoko's shoulder.  They soon arrived at their stop,downtown near shops,with entertaiment and food places.Ayumi also new in town happily enjoyed the sight and walked hand to hand with Kyoko. 

"Heh,don't let go,I could loose my new kitten in a crowd of dogs" Kyoko winked and smiled. Ayumi melted like a ice cream inside and became weak in the knees that instanly Kyoko picked her up before she felled.The crowd watching with smiles and even clapped abit as Kyoko place Ayumi down on a chair at a resturant.  "Lets eat first" Kyoko sat down with a menu then looked at Ayumi blushing in amazement."Yes Yumi-chan?"  "Am i that light?" blushing in embarrassment Ayumi asked. 

"Well I get that strength by being the younger sister of five older brothers and "Yes your light as a feather" Kyoko answered with such a carefree smile.  "Oh,wow,okay" Ayumi smiled and under the table kept holding down her dress and thought to herself : "Maybe I can tell her my secert...but what if she see me as a freak or something like,I have to tell her...because..i'm in love and wanna be hers.

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