Blooming Cherry Blossoms

Best friends Kyoko and Michiko have a strong bond that began to break when another comes between them,causing jealousy,envy,and pain that later become to much that it may push one over the edge.(First Part)

School: CherryStone Academy(all girls)
Major Cast: Kyoko,Michiko,Ayumi
Minor Cast: Yuuna, & Sumiko


2. Kyoko Chapter:The accidental hit of love

Ouside on the school field,Kyoko pulled down her baseball cap abit,grining as she gripped onto her baseball bat and spit out her gum. "Bring it on,man verse machine!well woman heh!"Kyoko smiling with fire in her eyes. The pitching machine began shooting balls fast and Kyoko swung hard sending the balls to windows,roofs,and maybe space as well. 

"Haahaa this is nothing!!" Kyoko stood laughing like a champion until the machine hit her butt with a hard ball and she turned around on fire with her bat becoming inferno.she swung her bat very fast and hard at the machine,but actually missed with the ball knocking a girl out out cold. "Uh oh!sorry!wait i mean..!" Kyoko paniced in a circle around the girl and picked her up in her arms runing to the nurse office.All girls watching squealed and cheered taking phone pics of Kyoko carrying the girl like a prince rescuing a princess.  "Wahhh nurse!" Kyoko busted into the room in a hurry surprising Nurse Kaminari."Whats wrong?!" she said eagerly. 

"I hit her with a ball! I think she's dead!" Kyoko paniced and laughed nervously.  "WHAT?!!" Nurse Kaminari paniced too with her glass half on her face.  Moments later,the girl was resting on the patient bed with a bandage across her forhead and words "Sorry Sorry Sorry" going across written by Kyoko.  "Kyoko sweetie this is the tenth time you scared me" Nurse kaminari drinking green tea sighing. "Heh sorry" smiled Kyoko sitting on the chair. 

"I need a breather real quick,will you stay here?" Nurse kaminari asked nicely.  "Sure thing!" Kyoko waved smiling then alone with the girl she sat on the bed holding her hand. "Im so so so sorry,please wake up soon".  "Mmmm?" The girl began to awaken and blushes up at Kyoko.  "Hey!" Kyoko happily smiled and held the girl's cheeks. "Feeling better?"  "Umm y-yes" blushing more in Kyoko's eyes.  "Oh! Im sorry,Im Kyoko Yamashita" said Kyoko shaking the girl's hand sweetlie.  "Ayumi Nagasaki,im new here"shy Ayumi blushing more. 

"Yay i met the new girl first heehee" Kyoko smiled. Hmm what to do now?Kyoko giggled thinking then apoligized more about the ball knock out accident.  Ayumi took Kyoko's hand gentaly and boldly kissed her lips softly then smiled shyly."Its okay"  "Umm okay!" Kyoko blushing and laughed abit trying not to look Ayumi in the eyes but gives in and kisses her back passionly.  Nurse kaminari noticed from her door small window and smiled walking away.

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