Bestfriends, Ariel, Carly and Torry's world is turned upside down, when Ariel's cousin, comes along for a trip, that is supposed to be just them, and her mom. As he finds out, unraveling Torry's deep secrets that only Carly and Ariel know, He understands her better, and they become closer and Closer.


1. Ready To Go?

"TORRY TORRY TORRY TORRY TORRY TORRY" I was awoken by my daydream, while Ariel and Carly called me over as school was getting out.  "Are you ready to go to my Beach House?" Ariel said. "Of Course Girly, Is Carly ready, because I know you are Ariel!" I answered.  Carly just nodded, as she starred at a cute redhead, across the school yard.  School was over in just 3 days. On Friday, today was Wednesday. Carly Ariel and I have gone to Ariel's beach house since we were in Kindergarten.  Her beach house lays about 500 miles from Cheshire, England.  We got to go Early this year and stay the Whole summer, because we just graduated middle school.  School ended, so we all rushed home, we are neighbors, Got on our telly's, opened up Skype and 3 way called while we packed.  I was done in about 3 hours, the last. I suck at packing. I have to recheck every time I put something new in.  Ariel was done first, since she was an actor, she was used to packing in 1 hours or less. I was a singer, and Martial Artiest. Carly well she just did Cheer...  As we finished, we started to talk, and Wait.

~SKIP TO SATURDAY NIGHT~ I said goodnight to my mom and brother Michael, and said, I will see  you in a couple months.  She kissed my forehead, and tucked me in. She always did that before I left on trips.  When I was little, I used to always ask, wheres daddy gonna be while I'm gone, because he ran away from us when I was little. Same with Carly and Ariel.


"Wake up its time to get up.  Wake Up Its Time To Get Up. WAke Up Its Time To Get Up. WAKE UP ITS TIME TO GET UP, IF YOU DON'T GET OUT OF BED I WILL COME UP HERE AND DRAG YOU TO THE CAR."  Oh how I love what ringtone Ariel set for me. I woke up at 3 am. The Hummer was supposed to get here at 4. I dragged my self to my closet picked out an outfit. Green spandex, a Cami, and my Martial Arts hoodie. I grabbed my iPod, and iPhone. my ear buds, and my slippers. I slowly, brushed my teeth, and brushed my hair. Washed my face, and then put all of it in my suitcase. When I got to the kitchen downstairs, my mom was already up.  She had cooked my favorite breakfast. Waffles, with Nutella on them. And then a glass of Martenilles Sparkling Apple juice, and and wait for it! 500 pounds. I got this every time I went on vacation with Ariel and Carly.  As I was finishing up, I kissed my mom on the cheek, said my goodbyes, and took my suitcase from my room, took it to the staircase, put it on its side. And slide it down the stairs. My mom hated when I did that, but I was 14 what were you gonna do with a teenager? I looked through the window, and saw the Lime Green Hummer just pulling in. I grabbed my pillow, and some other thing. I grabbed my laptop bag, and took my stuff to the Hummer, put it in the huge trunk. Ran up to my mom and said goodbye, hopped in the back saw Ariel and Carly, Carly was already passed out and Ariel was bouncing around like she just had 7 cups of coffee. I grabbed my thermostat from my bag, and drank some tea to wake me up.I plugged in my ear buds in, and listened to Maroon 5, The Wanted, Neon Trees, Skrillex, and all my favorite Dubstep remixes.  We stopped one more time. I was kind of alarmed. I didn't know who it was. Ariel said it was a surprise. And guess who hops in the middle of the Hummer, and I had (HAD) A major crush on. Neither the less, Ariel's cousin Niall Horan...

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