The white lady

Seaton Delaval Hall is an old building, built in the 1700's for the Delaval family. But, on its anniversary, what will the four teenagers discover lurking along its hallways?

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1. Prologue - 16th November 1733


Seaton Delaval Hall - A grand building built for the Delaval family in 1728. The lord of the grand old building was sat down with the other men of the household, waiting for their food that was being prepared by the women in the kitchens. Among these ladies twenty year old Elizabeth Carter was helping plate up the food ready for the six hungry men in the east wing of the building. She was a beautiful blonde young lady whose impressive height discerned her from the other women in the household.   Meanwhile in the dining room, the men were getting restless. The food was taking a lot longer than usual. Elizabeth, along with 3 other women, hurried up the huge stone staircases with platters of food in hand. After they took their leave, they were on their way back to wash up, but Elizabeth was lagging behind, an usually shaped shadow had caught her attention. BANG! Elizabeth heard a noise coming from a very dark corridor lit only by a few candles that were on their last few minutes, she slowly tip-toed down, hoping to see someone.  BANG! The noise was heard again, this time louder. As she went round the corner, the candles extinguished. She couldn't see a thing.  BANG! The noise came again, but this time, Elizabeth could not possibly have heard it...
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