The white lady

Seaton Delaval Hall is an old building, built in the 1700's for the Delaval family. But, on its anniversary, what will the four teenagers discover lurking along its hallways?

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2. 14th November 2018

It was all over the news, in the newspapers and even on the sides of buses; Seaton Delaval Hall was having a party. Why?. It was 400 years since it had been built so it is having, what they like to call, a fire and light show, in essence a birthday party. This is to include lots of night time partying and a huge buffet, fit for a king. It was to be opened by the mayor of the town at 9:00PM sharp. It would last approximately 3 hours and would be closing at midnight. 

Huge amounts of people wanted to go, to celebrate the spectacular event, among these people were Ryan McConnell and his friends. Ryan was the tallest of them all. He had an exceptionally slender build and had long brown hair that was always swept to his right. It wasn't until a couple of days before that ryan noticed all of these posters and he decided that he wanted to go to this party.

"Mam, can I go out on the 16th with my mates?" Asked Ryan, a persuasive smile playing on his lips.

"No way Ryan, not after last time."

"Why? What did i do last time?" "Well, for one you were found wandering round the streets alone. You have only just turned 15 and I don't want you to be going out every night anyway the 16th is Friday coming and i thought you wanted to be at home on a friday."

"For goodness sake mam I want to go out with 3 of my friends. You hate me! You would have been allowed to go out. You just don’t want me to go out cause you either hate me or you hate my friends!" He replied and went storming of to his bedroom, his rant echoing in his mothers ears. She rolled her eyes as he stomped up the stairs, acting every bit like a petulant child. He did not want anything to do with his mam at this moment. He was determined to go out, even if it meant sneaking out.   


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