Falling For Him

Taylor and her best friend Lizzie are both candian-loving one directioners. So when Taylor wins a free Radio contest to spend a week with one direction in no other then London,England, her and her bestie jump at the chance. With the days they spend with the british boy band, she seems to start falling for the cute , funny, food-loving Niall. While her friend has a jelousy in her like no other.


19. The First Concert

Taylors POV

When the plane landed in Paris, we all exit the plane through the private exit, for fan perposes. After we collected our luggage we decided to wait outside the terminals and wait for our limo. A small groups of girls came up to the boys and i stepped back, letting the fandom get their time with the boys. As did Liz. She looked at me with pleading green eyes. I was not going to give into it. I stood my ground, and glared at her. Just then our limo rode onto the street with paparrazi surronding it like a flock off bees, over its hive.

"Over here!! Over here!!"
"Harry, Niall!!! Is it true?!?"
"Is it true your in love with fans, that won your contest!?! Niall smiled at this, but Liz and Harry were white as ghosts
"Could you answer some questions?!"
"How does it feel to be dating a band member of One Direction?!" we just ignored them and hopped in the limo.
Louis sat between Liz and Harry. Zayn and Liam were sitting in the middle section of the limo, and me and Niall in the backseats. It was around 10AM now and i was tired. I lay my head on Nialls shoulder and stare out my window. As we drive i noticed we pass the Eiffel Tower. Its such a beauty in real life. Niall noticed me staring and chuckled.

"We could go there if we have some free time." he says sweetly
"Oh Niall! Could we !? Thank you!" i say hugging him tightly
"I think i deserve a kiss." he says slyly
I lean over in my seat and kiss him so passionatly, I get lost and forget that the brain needs air. When we do stop kissing i gasp a bit for air. Niall laughs.

"That was called The Horan Heart Stopper" he says grinning
"I've had better kisses." i say with a superior smile on my face, though i was only teasing, Niall was the best kisser on this planet.
"Oh, Really?" he asks with arched eyebrows
I pretend to be totaly intrested in something else as i say "Mhhmm"
With that he unbuckles my seat belt and places me on his lap. I just laugh.
"Niall, what are you doi-" but before i could finish my sentence he smases his lips on him mine, holding me tight and kissing me with passion, so much I swear i could feel our love. Even when we went over bumps in the road he still didnt stop kissing me, he just held me. I let a small moan escape the back of my throat, and i bit Nialls lip to tease him. When we finally came up for air we silently panted and noticed everyone staring at us. Harry and Louis giggling, Zayn and Liam staring in astonishment(probably because how long we had been kissing) and Liz with tears in her eyes.

She saw me look at her, and he turned around quickly, for a second i felt sympathy for her, but then i reminded myself of the back stabbing bitch she is. Me and Niall blush and he continues holding me.
"Now that, was a heart stopper." i say seductivly in Niall's ear. He goes stiff and shivers, he is so trying to control a boner right now. I laugh at the thought. When we get to the hotel its so beautiful im mesmerized. As we enter and check in, it appears that they boys are sharing a room, and me and liz have to share one. Something about Niall sleeping and not having sex all night. Danm you shower of cunts mofos. As Niall would say. I could tell he was defiantly dissapointed. He knew he probably would of gotten something tonight. Ah, well. I look over at Liz and see her staring At Harry, who was smiling and texting someone with a longing look. Does she love Harry again? I kissed Niall on the cheek as he went with the lads to freshen up before the concert. I stare at Liz and she stares back.

Oh how i wanted us to be friends again! I didnt even love Niall anymore! I was truly in love with Harry! I realized how stupid ive been.

"Well, lets go." she says without looking at me and starts walking in the direction of the elavator. As we entered she stood at the opposite side of the elevator , so she wouldnt have to be too close to me. It was a very awkward silence. Just me and her. She pushes the button of our floor number with one of her knuckles. I laugh at this. Tay could be such a germaphob, she got it from her mom.

Taylors POV
As i pushed the button of our floor, Liz laughed she knew what a germaphob i was. But then it hit me like a train going 500 miles per hour. That laugh. Liz was the girl from my dream. I was angry at how right the dream had been.

After I had laughed, Taylor look very angry so i shutup. When we finally heard the Ding! of our floor, Taylor cut infront of me and rushed to our suite. When we entered it looked very nice. Taylor went to her side of the room and immediatly started unpacking. And then A ringtone went off...

If im louder, would you see me
Would you lay down in my arms and rescue
'Cause we are the same! You save me
But when you leave its gone again....

It wasnt my phone. It was Taylor's, she quickly picked it up, her face growing bright. She was in love

"Hey babe!" she answered "mmhm... Oh.. Aww tell him he'll find someone" she continued
"Ok, bye! See ya tonight!" she said ending the call

"Whats up?" i have the courage to ask
"Perrie broke up with Zayn. She fell in love with someone else." she says sadly
"Yeah.." she says unpacking some more "And we are all going to dinner after the concert. Harrys bringing his girlfriend. So you might not wanna come." she says

I was shocked at this news. Harry had a girlfriend. My heart sank. I wanted Harry back. Badly.He obviously moved on, he'll never love me again. I wanted to hear his laugh, because i say something funny, i want to be able to kiss him and feel our love for eachother, i wanna be able to smile again. I want him to be the reason im smiling.
"Nah, ill come." i say finally speaking


"Katy Perrys on reply, shes on replay! DJ got the floor to shake
Floor to shake! People going all the way , yeah all the way! And im
Still wide awake!!"

As me and Taylor are backstage, the boys had started singing Up All Night, me and Taylor were dancing and moving to the beat. As were Eleanor and Danielle, who were realy nice. Oh yeah, and we met Harrys girlfriend. Well ive already met her. It was Angela! He had brought Angela! I basically ignored her the whole time. While the others socialized with her. Even Taylor! But even if Angela was here, i would confess my love to Harry somehow! I wouldnt let something like this slip through my fingers. I would even apologize to Taylor, to get our friendship back on track.

Taylors POV
I was laughing with Dani, El and Angela, when Niall did his classic jump during the concert. At one point he looked my way and winked. I smile broadly.

"He really likes you!" exclaims El
"You think so?"
"Oh yeahh!" says Dani grinning.

Dani and El were such great girls. I knew that we would be friends. Though they did know about the Liz backstabbing me thing and Angela Harry thing, they still treated Liz nicely. As we laughed, danced and talked, the boys finally strode of the stage to where we were. Harry ran to Angela ad made out with her, in a way im sure was illegal in some country. Liam hugged Dani, Louis kissed El. Finaly Niall ran over to me and picked me up and twilred me around and kissed me. I was so in Love. Zayn and Liz stood off to the side talking.

"Lets go everyone! Im hungry!' Niall exclaims

Everyone just laughs. As we leave we all get into our limo. Its like 10:30PM, and we drive for about 15 mins. When we get there it looks really fancy. Its a good thing me and the girls had worn dresses.
"May i say, you look extra damn sexy" says Niall in my ear as we walk inside
"You may!" i say giggling
"You look extra damn sexy." we both just laugh and sit down. Zayn was beside Liz. Hhmmm .

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