Falling For Him

Taylor and her best friend Lizzie are both candian-loving one directioners. So when Taylor wins a free Radio contest to spend a week with one direction in no other then London,England, her and her bestie jump at the chance. With the days they spend with the british boy band, she seems to start falling for the cute , funny, food-loving Niall. While her friend has a jelousy in her like no other.


22. Our Life


   "Go!!!" my trainer yells

   I run as soon as he says it and I stop 100 m later, huffing and puffing. I grab a drink of water and wake for my running trainer to walk over to me.

   "That was great Taylor! New record too! You'll be ready for the Olympics soon!"

   "Thanks... Dan." I say tiredly

   "No problem, I'll see you in 2 days. Same track. Same time" he says giving me a high-five

   "Ok, bye."

   I gather my water, bag, take off my Nike spikes, and start to trek back to my car...my new car. For my 21st birthday Niall bought me my Red Mustang GT. He was the best boyfriend ever. I loved him.

   2 years ago after they finished the tour, Liz and I decide to go back to University. The boys were still a band and they were on break at the moment. Liz had become a chef, she always wanted to be one, and I become a sprinter. I was training to be in the Olympics.

   I hopped into my car and drove home. Niall and I had bought a flat to ourselves (the boys persuaded us to move to England) I unlock the front door and I'm greeted by a mess of blonde hair with brown roots.

   "I missed you baby" says Niall in his sexy accent

   "Missed you too babe!" I say hugging him tightly.

   He picks me up bridal style and drops on the couch and kisses my forehead "Eeeew, Niall I'm all sweaty!" I shriek 

   "I don't care! I love you sweaty or not sweaty!"

   "Hahaha! Really? So, if I never showered you wouldn't mind?" I ask teasingly

   "hmm... Nevermind. On second thought, I think you should shower!" he says laughing

   "ok!" I push him off me and head off to the shower.

   When I come back down stairs, Niall is on his cell phone. He hung up and patted the seat on the couch beside him. "Hello beautiful!" he exclaims

   "You talking to me?" I say

   "Who else!?" he asks, clearly apawled

   "Whatever." I say laughing "who was in the phone?" I ask

   "Oh, it was Harry. Him and Liz are coming over for dinner!"

   "Oh cool! When? We need to cook!" I say about to get up but Niall pulls me back.

   "Don't worry, Liz is bringing food! She is the chef!" he says grinning broadly

   "Hahaha! Your too much!" I say teasing him.

   He doesn't answer he just sets me on his lap and kisses me. He starts to add a lot if tongue and he pushes me down gently so he is on top of me. Suddenly the shrill sound of the doorbell rings. Niall groans loudly. I laugh at his hormones. He glares at me. 

   "Glare at me and we aren't continuing this later" I say devilishly and his eyes widen.

   "I was not glaring! I swear!" he says hastily

   I laugh "Go answer the door!"

   He obeys, letting Harry and Liz come running in the door! "Took you long enough!" teases Liz.

   Nialls starts to blush and looks past him and over at me. Harry notices my hair is everywhere and my top slightly crinkled upwards. "Liz, looks like we interrupted something!" Harry says grinning broadly with those green eyes.

   "Shut up!" Niall exclaims making us all burst into a laughing fit.

   Liz POV

   I laugh along with everyone else. Niall got so touchy when we teased him about his sex life with Taylor. Niall was 23, and could act like such a child. I brought in the food I prepared and place it on their expensive granite table.

  I had become a chef during University when Taylor and I moved to England (we had devoloped English accents) and I moved in with Harry. We were happy and we didn't let anyone or anything tear us apart.

   We all gathered around the table and sat down. We ate and ate. Especially Niall! He had At least 4 helpings!

   "So, babe tell them what you were telling me." says Liz excitedly

   "Oh! Yeah, Liz and I decided that we wanna adopt a child!" Harry says excitedly

   "Oh my! Thats wonderful ! " exclaimed Taylor

   "Yeah, good on ya, mate!" says Niall

   "Are you going to get married?" Taylor ask sheepishly Harry and I blush furiously

   "We were thinking about it...." says Harry

   "Ooh la la!!" Taylor exclaims

   "Ooh, well look at the time! I think we should go, love! " I say hastily wanting to get out of this conversation.

   I guess Harry caught my drift. "Oh .. YEAH! We have that thing..."

   "Yeah... That thing" I say

   "Aw well, drive careful! " Niall and Taylor say.

   They walk us to the door and waved as we drive away.

   Nialls POV

   As they left, I closed the door. Taylor started to walk away. Oh no she doesn't! I waited a long time to have her for myself before we were rudely interrupted. I grabbed her by the waist, and turned her to face me and a kissed her passionately. I was in love.

   She grabbed my hair, as I held her waist. She used her legs and wrapped then around my torso. We really got into it, but once again we were interpreted by a dinging sound!

   I groaned even louder this time. It was Taylor's iPhone. She had a twitter update. She unwrapped herself from me and pulled out her phone from her back pocket. I put my arm around her as she sat on the couch. She clicked her twitter app. I was watching the television, not paying attention, when I heard a sob.

   Taylor's POV

   I let out a sob as I stared down at the tweet.

   @IhateHoransWhore: @TaylorLovesNiall2 Your an ugly little slut! I dont even know why Niall likes you! Your as ugly as dog shit! Niall deserves better. I wanna kill myself looking at you. Do us all Directioners a favor and KILL YOURSELF!! PLEASE!

   Niall looked over at me and looked at the tweet. His face was growing red. He hugged me tightly and took my phone logging into his Twitter and replied

   @NiallHoranofficial: @IhateHoransWhore i cant belive you say your are a fan! You disrespect my girlfriend, And feel i deserve better! Taylor is the best thing that happend to me! I fucking love her, so get used to it!!!!! Im going to contact twitter and have them DELETE YOU TWITTER! Your a horrible person!!

   I hugged Niall so hard. He always stuck up for me. He loved me and he always proved it every chance he got. I was used to Twitter hate but this is just REALLY hurt. It cut me bad. Niall kissed my head and sang to me.

   I wanna save you

  Wanna save your heart too-night

  He'll only break you

  Leave you torn apart oh

  I cant be no superman but for you ill be super human

  I, I, I... I wanna save you wanna save you tonight. 

   He rocked me back and forth and I felt better

   "Don't ever listen to what they say Taylor. You are a beautiful girl, and I love you. No one can tell me different and just go on with your life, because your amazing. They didn't decide who you are. It's our life babe. Our life."

   As soon as he finished his speech I kissed him. Because he was so right. It was our life.

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