Falling For Him

Taylor and her best friend Lizzie are both candian-loving one directioners. So when Taylor wins a free Radio contest to spend a week with one direction in no other then London,England, her and her bestie jump at the chance. With the days they spend with the british boy band, she seems to start falling for the cute , funny, food-loving Niall. While her friend has a jelousy in her like no other.


18. My Feelings...

Liz's POV

I hated this. And when I say hate this, I mean I HATE it!! Now I see how Taylor feels all of the time; me kissing and flirting with boys. I can't believe I'm saying saying this, But I wish that I was Taylor right now. I opened the door a crack, just to see Taylor and Niall making out in their own personal row. I slammed the door and started sobbing. I sat on the toilet seat and covered my face with my hands and started bawling like a baby.

Inside, I was screaming and shouting. Why did I have to be so stupid?! Trying to take away Taylors true love and making out with him nonetheless. Man, today, I was a bitch.

But, If I know one thing about Taylor, she's forgiving and in a couple of days, it'll be like nothing happened. And the funny thing is, I won't even have to say sorry.
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