Falling For Him

Taylor and her best friend Lizzie are both candian-loving one directioners. So when Taylor wins a free Radio contest to spend a week with one direction in no other then London,England, her and her bestie jump at the chance. With the days they spend with the british boy band, she seems to start falling for the cute , funny, food-loving Niall. While her friend has a jelousy in her like no other.


12. Jealousy

As Harry delivered the news, i pretended to be happy, but in reality, i wasnt. Going on tour with the boys ment that i would do something that i dont want to do. It would destroy my closest relationship. My friendship with Taylor. What i was eventually going to do would terminate our trust. Confession: I would steal Niall from Taylor. "Ugh!" I screeched, throwing my phone across the room. I cried for a bit.

*Meanwhile in the Gameroom*

Taylors POV
I was so happy to be going on tour with Niall. I was going to tell my parents tonight. They wouldnt be too happy, because cost of intuition of my University, but if im happy, their happy.

"I'm hungry!" Complains Niall. "Lets order pizza."

Everyone nodds in agreement, just as Liz walks into the Gameroom and stands beside Harry. I smile at her, but she avoids my eyes.

But before i can go and talk to Liz, Niall grabs my waist and says that he has a special announcement to share.

"Listen up." announces Niall. "the girls will be joining us on the tour!"

He smiles along with everyone else. The guys start cheering and Liam opened a bottle of wine. He opens a cupboard and pull out some glasses for everyone. He pours us some , while also on The phone with the pizza man. I chuckle at this, Liam is so mature. As i go and sit with Niall on the couch , with my wine in one hand. He pulls me from the waist and i cuddle with him and some of the wine spills down my shirt onto my bra.

"Shit.." i say frustrated "i need to clean this up"
"Lemme help.." he say seductivly

I laugh at him and he looks hurt
"Pretty please!" he pleads
"you such a 16 year old boy!" i say playfully swating him i use the end of my shirt to wipe the wine of my chest. He lays his head on my chest as i play with his hair. Its so blonde and beautiful. I set my wine glass down on the floor and nudge Niall, so i can sit on his lap.

"Your so light!" he says
"I have a fast metabolism, so i can eat a whole bunch, and not gain a pound!" i say giggling
"Me too!" Niall exclaims

Nialls POV
"Hahahahaha!" Taylor has a distinct laugh, i love it its almost contagious.
I smile at her and she smiles back. She looks me deep in the eyes and says
"Promise to never leave me? I dont know what i'd do.."
"oh Taylor.. I'd never let you go. " i say as i kiss her on the forehead. She cuddles in my chest and i look at her.

"This is a party, come on!" i say to everyone
I turn up the music and pour myself some more wine. In a couple of minuetes everyones dancing. Taylor is an awesome dancer. I can tell she took dance in her childhood. As she grinds on me i get super excited, and i just keep drinking. Hey, im an Irish man! The next thing i remember is saying good night to Taylor, she said she was gonna go to bed , something about being tired.

*1 Hours Later*
"Wake up." says someone gently nudging me
It was a familiar voice, just then my eyes flutter open. I look around; im on the couch in the game room, everyone gone, except Liz whos standing over me.
"Huh" my words slurring, i was wasted.
"You passed out" she says "everone left and i said i'd wait for you to wake up" she hands me some pills and water.
"Thanks" i say i look up, and the place is a mess. Liz follows my gaze.
"I'll clean it up after, you go to bed" she says standing.
"No, i'll help you" i say trying to get up

Liz's POV
"No, i'll help you" he says trying to get up
Just as he said it , my heart oozed, i know Niall likes me , i just know it.
"Ok, you sure?" i ask
"Mhm" he says getting up. I go and get a garbage bag, and then we start putting beer cans in it, and wine bottles. Just then i reach for a beer can and so does he.
"Sorry" he says his words slurring and he falls on his butt. I sit beside him. I look at him and leaning and i kiss him and as soon as he realizes what im doing he pulls away with a disgusted look in his face .

Nialls POV
"What are you doing !?" i yell
"I-i-i" Liz stammers
"How could do that! Your Taylors bestfriend and Harrys girlfriend!" i was so angry i loved Taylor, yeah i loved Liz , but as a damn friend!
"I love you.." she says whispering
"I dont love you like that !" i say trying to control my temper
"I could be good to you. I could love you better than she does!" she says holding my shoulders. I move out of her grasp.
"dont kiss me again! Im not going to tell Taylor but if you ever do it again, im telling her!" i say angrily and walk out of the room.

He just shrugged me off and left. His words kept replaying over and over in my head. He didnt love me back, and that fucking was going to change. I sit in the dark and keep earing his footsteps as he left me in the darkness.
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