Falling For Him

Taylor and her best friend Lizzie are both candian-loving one directioners. So when Taylor wins a free Radio contest to spend a week with one direction in no other then London,England, her and her bestie jump at the chance. With the days they spend with the british boy band, she seems to start falling for the cute , funny, food-loving Niall. While her friend has a jelousy in her like no other.


5. I wish I met you ages ago..

We walked in the hotel. It was absolutly beautiful , it had a victorian house style with nice cream colored walls. The boys went ahead and checked us in. "here you go love." Niall said handing me a key "thanks " i said looking into his eyes, his eyes were soo blue , that it had me mesmerized. But i noticed he had started talking again. Ooh those lips i thought. "me and you will share a room ok? Theres 2 beds..." he muttered embarrased
"Ok, Niall" i said happily
He smiled " Liz you'll be with Harry" he continued
I looked over at Liz , i could tell she felt like fainting. Harry and Liam were her favourite, an she'd take anyone of em. I giggle at her expression. Just then Harry bounced over
"looks like your with me, love" he said smiling at her
She giggled "ok" they left to go freshen up before we all met downstairs in the game room, so did everyone until it was just me and niall. "lets find our room" he said and took my hand. I followed him to an elavator. We got in , and he pressed the button we stood ther in an awkward silence. Then he turned to me and smashed his lips on mine. I kissed back and i thought i was in a dream. I held his neck and grabbed some of his hair as he held my waist . Then when we parted he said
"when i heard your voice on the radio, i was so happy that i would get to see that pretty face , that matched the prettiest accent ever" joyful tears welled up in my eyes i looked down and lifted my chin back up with his fingers. I kissed him again. "I wish i met you a long time ago, Taylor" he whispered in my ears. "That was so cheesy,but i love when you say cheesy things, Nialler" i giggled as i said that. And then we heard a Ding! Which ment we had reached our floor. We smiled at eachother, and hand-in-hand we walked out of the elavator. "come one" Niall yelled happily and ran, we were both laughing once we got inside our suite. Niall picked me up, bridal-style and threw me on the bed playfully. I laughed "Niall!" he stared at me and then leaned down and kissed me passionatly, by this time he sorta was stradling me and kissing me. It felt so damn right!

Nialls POV
Oh god. I was so happy just being with her, it felt so right. When i kissed her i felt sparks and i knew she did too. I was actually getting a little too excited and she noticed.
"Whoa Niall, i didnt know i excited you THAT much " she said with a superior smile on her face
I blush furiously "shutup" i said looking away she giggled and pulls my face back to hers. I grab the ends of her shirt and try to pull it up, but she stops me -i groan- "hhaha nice try Niall, not tonight" she says "i love your accent soo fucking much, babe" i say laying beside her now. Everything is perfect but then.....Harry and Liz walk in just as i kiss Taylor.
"OH MY GOD" exclaims harry laughing his head off and i notice hes holding Lizs hand
"looks likes Nialler getting some!" said Liz teasing i see Taylor get up and blush , i glare at both of them. And they walk out still laughing. "maybe i should of locked the door" i say she laughes "maybe!" i hug her from behind one last time before we walk out to meet everyone downstairs. As we walked in to the game room and everyone stared and giggled, and i KNEW that Harry told . Taylor went to go talk to Liz on the couch, while Me, Zayne and Harry started a game of pool. I looked back at Taylor and she smiled. I smiled back.

Taylors POV
Oh i loved that boy i thought , thoughts Liz interrupted by saying
"So you and Niall having sex already!" she snickers
"No! We were just Kissing. On the bed. While he was stradling me" i realized how much that sounded like sex
"Anyway, hows roomin with Harry Styles?!" i say grinning
She had such a mischevious smile on, i knew something happend!
"good ....very good" she answered grinning
"what happend!?!" i asked listening
"Well, we went to our room, started talking and then kissing and he end up taking my shirt off and then he said 'sleep with me tonight, okay?'"
My mouth was open in awe
"OMG! You tease me and Niall, while you and Harry are practically fuc-" she cut me off
"SSSSHHHH!!" she said laughing and i started laughing! Just then i notice Liam and Louis were sitting in the corner snickering they obviousily over heard. I put my finger to my lips mouthing shhh towards them. They kept laughing so i go over there looking at Liam leaning close slightly strocking his dick on "accident" "dont ever eavesdrop on us again" i say in his ear
I laugh to myself because the look on Liams face is priceless he just nods and walks out probably to go masturbate i think . I go and sit down next to Liz again and giggle and then look at Louis , not wanting to mess with us he walks to a different corner. THIS cracks us up. Then Niall walks over to me.
"Hey Liz, mind if i borrow Taylor at the moment. I need my good luck charm" i start blushing
Liz laughs "she's all yours!" Niall grins an takes my hand and walks me over to the pool table.

Aww Niall was so nice to her. Just then Harry said my name ! Aww maybe im HIS good luck charm!! "yes?" i answer excitedly
"can you make me a sandwhich?" my heart was crushed but i brushed it off.
"Sure.." i answer sadly

Niall POV
"Ok so you hold it like this" i was trying to show her how to hold the pool stick, she mimicked my actions. I was behind her hold her waist to help her hit the ball. I was trying sooo hard to keep my boner at bay
"yup" she answered and together we shot the ball , she got it perfectly. She kissed me on the cheek and we hugged and as we did i whispered in her ear "I wish i met you ages ago" she smiled. The boys made kissy face and pretende to make out with themselves , in response i kissed Taylor an used to my other hand to give them the finger. We all laughed. Taylor told me she would be back, she needed to pee i teased her by asking if she needed company she slapped me playfully. I laughed at her as she walked off. Zayn, and Harry were cracking up also.
"So, Harry tell me he caught you and Taylor getting at it" he says giggling
I glared at Harry , he just smiled.
"we wernt geting at it, " i say lookig down "we were just making out a little"
"Niall , you were in bed!" says Harry laughing "You were DOING SOMETHING" says Zayn teasing.
" Yeah, but not HER!" i exclaim
By then we were trying to breath, from all the laughter "oh shut up" then Liz comes with Harrys sandwhich
"Thanks, love" he says and she smiles and starts to walk off and he slaps her butt. She blushes furiously , he laughs and kisses her cheek. And then Taylor comes back and the boys giggle at her. She stares obviousily confused i giggle myself at her expression
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