Falling For Him

Taylor and her best friend Lizzie are both candian-loving one directioners. So when Taylor wins a free Radio contest to spend a week with one direction in no other then London,England, her and her bestie jump at the chance. With the days they spend with the british boy band, she seems to start falling for the cute , funny, food-loving Niall. While her friend has a jelousy in her like no other.


7. I think i love you...

I wake to the smell of pancakes and notice Niall jump out of bed and run out of the room. I chuckle hes probably going to the kitchen. I get up and yawn and walk into the kitchen. Everyone was around the table, Liz on Harry's lap. I went and sat beside Niall. "morning beautiful" he says smiling "hehehe, morning Nialler" i say giggling. And he pokes me "HEY!!" i yell " I AM the poking MASTER!" i laugh and start poking until were in a fit of laughter and trying to breath. Everyone stares espicially Liz. She looks sad , and turns away. I turn and look at The stove and notice no ones there "Guys , whos making the pancakes?!?" i say panicking "oh my gawd!" Lizzie exclaims because the kitchen started to fill the kitchen! Just then Liam runs in, "CRAP!!" he yells and turns off the stove and we all started opening windows. "Nandos?" i say and everyone laughs.

After we aired out the suite and finished our Nandos we decided to go down to the swimming pool and then go visit some place's, you know just chill. Niall and I were getting ready in our suite. He had on his trunks , some aviators and a towel on his shoulder he looked HAAWT! He noticed me staring and smirked "See something you like?" he asked arching his eyebrow . I giggle "oh yeaah" he laughs. I had on a light green bikinni on , on the bum it says "I love Irish boys" just for Niall he glanced at my butt and said "im glad im Irish" i laughed and grabbed my towel. As we entered the elavator we heard someone yell "wait!! Hold the elavator" i held it open seeing it was Zayn. I laughed at his attempt to run and style his hair. He jumped in and looked at his reflection on the walls! We kept on laughing ! "what? Gotta impress the ladies" he pronounced Ladies, laaydaysss which made me crack up even more. When we got down to the pool i noticed something. "Babe, why are you wearing sunglasses? We are inside" i tease "makes me look good" he answered so simply i just kissed him. "well true" i say he laughs. The pool is huge they also had a sauna and hot tub. I already saw Liam, Liz and Louis in the hot tub and Harry flirting wih the female lifegaurd. Anger boiled in me, but i ignored it. We decided to go in the hot tub.

"Why is Harry flirting with her!?" i aks Liz
"oh , hes not.." she looked down
"Looks like it!" i say trying to control my temper by then liam and louis had already striked up a conversation with Niall. They knew better then eavesdrop on us again.
"Noo, he told me its a friend of his" Liz explains

I had made that up. Harry never told me that, i knew he was flirting with her, i just didnt wanna admit it to Taylor. Her and Niall were happy, and Niall never flirted with other girls. This got my pissed off.
"ok..." she says with question we end up chatting with the boys. I notice Niall whispering to Taylor.
***ANNOUCMENT : from here on out , its gonna get a little more than PG-13. So i recomend under age peeps to stop reading!!! You have been warned ;) now back to the story! :)******

Taylor POV
Niall was whispering in my ear , how much he wanted me at the moment and I kept teasing him, so he'd get hard and maybe his friends would notice. He groaned "stopp Taylor pleasee" he whined i laughed.
"Two can play at that game." he whispered seductivly and i knew what he ment. We were in a hottub, there were bubbles all around us , no one would notice what he was doing to me. I looked in his eyes , now a darker shade full of lust. He lowerss his hand under the water holding me tight. He lowers his fingers all the way down the entrance of my bottoms. He slids them in my bottoms and pushes them in my area, and starts thrusting in and out... In and out. I let out a small moan, i cant speak or ill scream in pleasure. Liam looked like he knew what was happening , and smiled in revenge and whispered something to Louis. Louis looked at me and snickered, Liz looked confused "are you ok Taylor?" she asks, the boys giggle����... I just nod .

Nialls POV
I giggle quetly i knew what i was doing to Taylor. What can i say, paybacks a bitch. I added another finger. I kiss her forehead and she tenses i know she wants cum so bad, but she wouldnt infront of people. Liz looked so confused but Liam whispered something in her ear and she smirked
"Taylor check out my manicure! I got all FIVE FINGERS -she was obviously hinting at something- for $10"
"cool.." she chocked out I put the rest of my fingers in Taylor, and she caught on to what Liz had done. She glared at Liz , who pretended not to notice. She turned to me with a pleading look. I pulled my fingers out of her and she sighed heavily , letting out a small moan. Everyone was in hysterics! She glared at me and walked out of the hot tub, grabbed her towel and left. I felt bad. I got out and started to leave to go after her . I truly felt bad, i embaressed her.

Lizzies POV
I was in hysterics with Louis and Liam! The fact that Niall had been fingering Tay was funny. Well her expression was. As he walked off, i notice his defined abs and arms . Taylor must feel great when he holds her. Harry held me yes, but it was as if i was only there to be an accesorie or to get him food. I knew i was more into Harry then he was into me.

Taylors POV
I was so embaressed! So angry! How could he do that! I walked out of the hot tub, grabbed my towel, and stopmed out of the pool area. I walked down the hall swearing and shivering. As i reached my room, i sat on the bed grumbling, when i heard the door knob turn.

Nialls POV
I opened the door and saw her sitting on he bed.
"Leave me the hell alone!" she barks at me i wince at her words. They cut like knives.
"Thats like saying for me to stop liking you" i say trying to lighten the mood, she doesnt say anything but i see her blush.
"Look im sorry. I-i-i just wanted to tease you i didnt wanna embaress you. Well i sorta did but-" she cut me off
"Stop it! I deserved it Niall, im being a brat. I was doing the same thing to you." she says suriously I loved the way her eyesbrows knit together when she was serious. I laugh at her comment and walk over and sit beside her. She smiles a bit. I loved her smile i kissed her right on it. Wanting to feel her lips on mine. When we broke away , she finally spoke.
"I think i love you Niall James Horon"
I smiled.
"I know i love you Taylor Savannah Morris" i said blushing. She layed her head on my shoulder and kiss my collarbone. She took off her towel and put it on the bed. She kissed me passionatly and pushed me on the bed. She was still wet from her bathing suit And was getting me soaked. But i didnt care. We kept on kissing until she decided to take off her top, reaveling her self to me. She smiled. She yanked down my shorts hurriedly. "Someone is a little eager.." i say teasing she slaps me in the face playfully. Finally she takes of her bottoms and were both naked staring at eachother. I flipped her so i was on top and kissed her first her forehead, then her noes, both cheeks , her collarbone and all they way down her stomach. I heard her shiver. I stopped just above her.. You know. And she pleaded
"Niall just DO IT!" she whined Happily i took her advice and dived in. Licking her in side and flicking her clit with my tongue. She moaned loudly! I kept sucking and sucking. Finally i went and kissed her , our tongues mating and dancing with eachother at the same time strocking her. She moaned
"OH FUCK, NIAAALL!!" i laughed kept going. I stopped for a moment just to look at her. She had tears in her eyes.
"Are you ok babe?" i asked worried i'd hurt her
"Im fine, im fine. Im just so happy. That my first time, is with Niall Horon, even if its not your first." she says smiling
"Well, it is!" i say blushing. Her face looked in shock " yeah yeah, ive had my girlfriend's but i never let them have me fully, unless.... They were special and Taylor your fucking special, babe"i say smiling. I hear mumble something like a aww babe and keep kissing her. By then she flipped me so she was back on top. She kissed me and mimicked my actions. When she came down to my penis she looked at me and i nodded. She took it in her mouth and sucked, up and down up and down. At first slow.. Then fast. I held her hair in pleasure "OH!! YES!! Taylorr!! Oh god yes!!" i yelled in pleasure. She was so good at it , i finally couldnt take it. I came in her mouth she swalloed but not everything. She kissed me so i could taste myself. Oh fuck. She was straddling me now, so my erection was at the opening of her vagina. She didnt even think and before i knew it she had taken me inside her! Oh yes. I thrusted in and out etc. and she yelled screamed and moaned. And 3 Hours later there we were, sleeping , pressed together, under the covers. Just happy to be together, then i heard her whisper "I love you Niall" in her sleep. Those four little words, made my heart melt. And i dreamt, dreamnt of me and Taylor spending and eternity together.
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