Falling For Him

Taylor and her best friend Lizzie are both candian-loving one directioners. So when Taylor wins a free Radio contest to spend a week with one direction in no other then London,England, her and her bestie jump at the chance. With the days they spend with the british boy band, she seems to start falling for the cute , funny, food-loving Niall. While her friend has a jelousy in her like no other.


20. I Only Did It To Make You Jealous!

I sat beside Zayn. We were both single and did not want to be beside the lovebirds. Harry and Angela sat acroos from us. Harry started giggling, kissing and flirting with Angela, glancing my way every few seconds. Was he trying to make me jealous!?! That cocky, hot, curly-haired boy was trying to make me jealous! Oh yeah, well two can play at that game. I looked over at Zayn and whispered in his ear unoticibly.

"Will you help me make Harry jealous?" i ask
"Huh" he was confused
"Like flirt with me and stuff. Hes doing the same thing to me right now." i say irritated
"Sure!" he says smiling i smile back. If i didnt love Harry, i would defiantly date Zayn.

I lean my head on his houlder and he holds me tightly, and pulls my face to his so were nose-to-nose. We pretend giggle at eachother, and out of the corner of my eye, i can see Harry staring angrily.

"Zayn can i borrow your jacket? Im cold." i say sweetly
"Ofcourse you can babe." he puts the jacket around me
I giggle "Thanks." by then everyone is having their own little conversations. Except for Harry is staring me and Zayn down, he was pissed.

He starts kissing Angela with his eyes open, trying to get me to notice. I just laugh and so does Zayn. He knows that Harry will do anything to get a women, even if it means using another women. Finally the waitress comes over gives us our food and goes total fangirl. She even tries to flirt with Niall, but i see Taylor shut that down. Taylor was not gonna have some slut ruin her relationship. Her and Niall have the biggest plates of food. Them and their fast metabolisms. Me and Zayn giggle and flirt with eachother and im sure everyone had noticed.

After we had all finished. We decided to just stay for a bit and talk. Louis was in the middle of telling a funny story. Zayn and I sat there and laughed, his arm around me. I could tell Harry was trying to concentrate but couldnt because of Zayn and I, and Angela was getting mad that Harry was paying so much attention to me. Serves her right. The waitress comes with our bill and i take my wallet out to pay but Zayn stops me.
"I got it." he says smiling at me
"Thank you Zayn!" i say hugging him and giving him a kiss on the cheek
I then see the waitress slip a peice of paper in Niall and Taylors blill. It was her number. Taylor picked up the piece of paper, ripped it up and blew it in the girls face. I could see Louis and Niall trying to stifle a laugh and eveyone else just in awe . Taylor just grinned meanly at the girl and waved. The girl walked away in embaressment. Liam felt bad, but soon enough forgot about it. Thats Daddy Directioner for you. We all laughed at Taylor and she just laughed too!

"Niall. Is. Mine. Its a simple as that!" she say giggling
"Babe, your proctetiveness is hot" Niall says kissing her. We all laugh. I lean over to Zayn and whisper in his ear.

"Time for the Big finally." i say
"Big finally?"
"Kiss me." i say
When we are face to face again, he leans down and places his lips on mine. I hear a few gasps and the i feel Zayn being jerked off of my lips and Harry screaming
"WHAT THE HELL MAN!" Harry yells
"Harry!!" i yell "What are you doing!?" i
"YOUR KISSING HIM!" he yells back
"SO!? Your kissing Angela!!" i was growing angrier by the second
"YEAH! But i love you!!" he says with tears in his eyes. Angela just sits there with her mouth open
"What?!" i ask
"I love you! I only brought Angela to make you jealous, so you'd try and get me back!"
"Harry, i love you too!" i said now holding his hands "I was only flirting with Zayn to make YOU jealous! And he went along with my plan." i explain

Harry looks at Zayn then.
"Im so sorry, Zayn" he says sincerily
"Its ok." zayn answers

Harry turns back to me again.
"Liz, i want you back."
"Harry, i want you back." he leans in to kiss me but i stop him.
"Wait!" i turn to Taylor.
"Taylor, I am the worst friend in the entire universe. I tried to steal your boyfriend. And im so sorry! You dont ever have to forgive me, but im going to apologize anyway. Your my sister and i destroyed our trust! Im sorry." i say try to hold back a sob. Taylor looks at me with tears in her eyes. She gets out of her seat, walks over to me and hugs me tight.

"I forgive you." she says crying. We stay hugging for about a minuete. And im happy because i have my bestfriend back. I finally let her go and Harry tells Angela that is was over. Angela slaps him and runs out of the restaurant. Everyone else was just sitting there. The staff had gathered around to see our drama. I geuss we were like a soap opera. Harry then held my waist and looked deeply in my eyes.

He leaned in and kissed me for what felt like eternity. I love Harry Styles.
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