Falling For Him

Taylor and her best friend Lizzie are both candian-loving one directioners. So when Taylor wins a free Radio contest to spend a week with one direction in no other then London,England, her and her bestie jump at the chance. With the days they spend with the british boy band, she seems to start falling for the cute , funny, food-loving Niall. While her friend has a jelousy in her like no other.


8. Flirting, Flirting and MORE Flirting

I lay in bed, forcing myself to fall asleep, but it's no use. I cant stop thinking about Harry flirting with the lifeguard. I was used to being the prettier one, and was used to having more confidence than i did now. But, i could tell why he liked her; she had flawless, wavy hair, icy blue eyes like the calm waves in lake Erie, but was wearing a striped bikini, which revealed her muscular abs. This lady always had a beautiful, glimmering smile on her face, which made the guys go wild, which i envied. That was MY role. This particular blonde-beach-babe , was the one who is supposed be boiling over the top with jealousy! But she wasnt, she was all over Harry. I looked over at Harry and he was sound asleep. I didnt want to wake him, so i walked into the living room and turned on the TV. I found out the hard way, that the TV was not a good choice because on every channel, there were romantic movies about guys getting back with their girlfriends, weddings, and a whole lot of kissing! I couldnt help but feel pitiful. I then landed on a show where this brunette had a gun in her hand and was yelling at a blonde to stay away from her man. The blonde teased her and said that she gave him more then she had and that he loved her, the bruntette shot her. And i couldnt help but feel happy that the bitch was dead. After a couple hours of Helpless imsonmia, i decide to see if Taylor was awake. I crept through the hallways and finally found her room;108. I opened the door just to Niall standing in thr doorway, looking shocked to see me here, standing before him in the middle of the night.

Nialls POV
"Liz?" I asked. "What are you doing here this late?" "I cant fall asleep because of Harry and the beach babe." said Liz, just as i asked who the beach babe was. "Anyways, may i speak to Taylor?" "Sorry, but she's asleep at the moment." Aww, but-" she started, but i finished with; " Sorry to burst your bubble, but its 1:53 AM." i said as i checked my watch. She laughed , it was a cute laugh. I wondered why she was so sad.
"Liz, whats wrong ?" i asked sincerily "you can tell me.." i continued i took her hand and led her to the coffee table so we could talk i motioned for her to speak.
After she had vented everything that had happend , i felt sorry for her and super pissed at Harry. This was so like him! He'd flirt with other girls constantly even if he was in a relationship. I tried to control my temper
"If you want my advice, the next time i say Harry flirting with a girl i'd confront him-infront of the girl- that would damage his pride and his love life!" i say, trying to be funny
"hhaahahah ! It would! Thanks Niall" she said looking at my eyes.
Lizs POV
As i stared into his blue eyes , i saw the reason why Taylor liked him the most. He was finny caring and sweet.
"No problem! I always love being up in the middle of the night helping people!" he says sarcastically, we both laugh. I leave his suite, feeling happier than i did before i entered.

*The Next Morning*

i woke up and rolled over, just to see that it was 1:00 in the afternoon. "Shit!" i murmured. I jumped out of bed, took a quick shower, applied some simple make up. Next, i pulled on my favourite white skinny jeans, an Aéropostale hoodie and gray Toms. Before i knew it, i was ready and wide awake. I wondered around, looking for Harry, but instead i found Taylor. "Hey! Whats up, i havent seen you in a while. Want to get some lunch?" she asks. "Sorry, but im looking for Harry. Have you seen him lately?" i say. "Yeah, actually. I saw him by the pool this morning." Taylor mentions. "Thanks, see you later." "Bye!" she says. I sprint towards the pool area, just to find that Harry wasnt there. I ran back to our suite, maybe he was there now. When i opened the door, no such luck. I turn off all the lights and just sit in the corner of the room. The door opens and in comes Harry without pants, and a un-buttoned shirt and messy hair. In my head im screaming 'WHAT THE HELL!' but really i dont make a sound.
"EERRGHH! Where are those condoms?!" he mutters . I feel a tear stroll down my cheek.
"Top left drawer" i say nonchalantly
"Thanks" he says then stops in his tracks and turns around and sees me in the corner crying and he looks shocked and sad. Just then his little slut walks in.
"Hey , sugar baby , you ready for this?" she says seductivly ad then turns and sees me. "whos she?" slut asks
I stand up "I'd rather know who you are" i say
"Liz , i-i- i "
"you better watch your words chicka!" says slut, I give her the finger , she shuts up.
"Can i talk to you Harry?" i say through gritted teeth , but its more like a demand. He doesnt say anything, he just stands and follows me into our bedroom and i close the door . Thats when he started talking.
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