Falling For Him

Taylor and her best friend Lizzie are both candian-loving one directioners. So when Taylor wins a free Radio contest to spend a week with one direction in no other then London,England, her and her bestie jump at the chance. With the days they spend with the british boy band, she seems to start falling for the cute , funny, food-loving Niall. While her friend has a jelousy in her like no other.


3. Dinner...

For the rest of the day, me and Lizzie were on cloud 9! I still couldnt beilive i-Taylor Morris- talked to Niall James Horon. Our plane was scheduled to leave Sunday at 6am and there we would meet the boys at our hotel. But we had more one thing to do before we definetly knew we could leave: tell our parents. Knowing mine and Lizzies 'rents, they would freak if all of a sudden their precious little "angels" wernt at school for a week. So, we decided to call them , and discuss it over some dinner at restraurant downtown. As i walked around my bedroom inside my apartment i look for something cute to wear. I decided to settle on a purple spahgettie strap, knee-length dress. I decided to text Liz to see if she was ready, so i could pick her up.

To: Lizzie <3 : hey just finished gettn ready? U ready?xx TayTay
From: Lizzie <3 : yeaah! See you in 10 , i geuss xx
To: Lizzie <3 : ok see ya in a few.xx

I grabbed my keys and went out the door locking it and stroding down the hall way to the parking lot. Once i got there i jumped into my pickup( still saving for my dream car: mustang GT) i started the engine and started driving i got there in 10 mins. I knew i would. I beeped my horn , and there came Lizzie slowly walking down the stair from her apartment so she wouldnt slip in her heels. She jumped in and we left.

Lizzies POV
Taylor was such a fast driver , i always liked to tease her about it.
" hahhaha are the cops chasing you!" i laughed
She laughed too and said " hell yeah , we gotta run!" then we both startd laughing because it was the humor i loved about her as my bff. We have known eachother since grade 4. In Mme Mew's class. As we arrived, we saw both our parents waiting at the entrance. We walked over to them said our greetings, and went inside. We laughed and we talked. Finally our waiter came. He looked about 19, brown wavy hair and blue-gray eyes. " Hello, i am your server tonight " we said hellos back. And he took everyones order when he finally came to me he sorta stared for a few seconds. He took my order and said i was very pretty and that he liked my curls. I smiled at him and mumbled a thanks.

Taylor POV

I saw him staring at Liz and calling her pretty. Her parents were oblivious. I knew when he gave us our bill, he'd slip her his number, and she'd go home with him but just for a night. Liz always got the guys i was used to it. She was very pretty though, so i understood. She light brown hair a little blonde and she had green eyes, i was a sucker for green eyes so when we fought (as all best friend do) i would forgive her. Me and her were nicely thin. I was a light caramel chocolate color and i had big deep brown eyes and brown-red hair. The red from my scottish heritage. I looked at Liz and motioned that we should tell them about the contest and i cleared my throught just as i was to begin.
*after dinner*
Taylors POV

After we told then they were shocked but happy to hear the news. They knew me and Liz have been Directioners forever. As we watched our parents leave we, sat for a while. Finally i said " lets go, im tired"
" you go ahead im gonna talk to that waiter"
" oh come on Liz" i groaned i hated her going home with someone we didnt know. She looked at my concerned face.
" Dont worry! Hes only driving me home. I promise ill even call from my house phone" she said giggling
" ok fine! Call me." i said hugging her and walking out of the restaurant. And as i was walking to my car some drunk guy came over to me.
" hey wanna share that sexyness with me" he said his word slurry
" fuck off!" i yelled
Just then he tried to push my against the wall and kiss me but i was faster and gave him some pepper spray right in the eye. He fell on the floor in agonizing pain, but i didnt care i just in my car and drove home.

Once i got there saw i had a missed message fron my mom and dad...
" Hey Hunny ! Call us when you get home, wanna make sure your safe! Love you! Call us"
I called back quickly, talked to them for about 5 mins then headed to bed. It was friday and soon enough i would be on the plane to meet the best british boy band ever. As i slipped into my sleep, i dreamnt of Niall and only Niall. His blue eyes , blonde hair and Irish accent. Life is good i thought before i drifted into sleep.
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