A short poem i wrote about a beautiful muse...
the name 'Anteros' is also the Latin name for the greek god of unrequited love.


1. Anteros

Lush as the sweet green grass, 

Your eyes tell a story, 

I'd rather not ask, 

Pale complexion, 

Embraced affection,

The warmth of our incandescent bodies unite, 

Oath, upon my heart I place your happiness,

Our realm was concealed transcending time, 

Our souls immortal,

live on, 

Loath, how you belittle me now, 

Dispite our promise,

our pledge, 

Give pitty on me now, disambiguation, 

I strain now, 

Each day i give a lifetime, Yet take not a second, 

Trade the angelic voice inside,

For the hyperbolic compliments you will not overuse, 

But no, 

Now it is gone, 

I am lost, 

I am cold,

You are sickened at my sound, 

I am drowning yet i do not die, 

How so?

What we once had, 

Is what i once have, 

Unrequited love.

Forever more.



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